Patient Love

(The Illustration above of Passenger isn't mine)

Today I've been ridiculously bored so have spent my day listening to Passenger, feeling creative, but not sure what to do, I ended up doing another of my pointless lyric drawings. I really love the lyrics on Passenger's album, 'All the little lights'. They're challenging and meaningful (Plus he looks a little bit like Simon Neil!). These particular lyrics are from the song 'Patient Love'. I love doing stupid little lyrical drawings, I wish the print making studios in uni were open over the summer so I could do myself some prints for my bedroom. Might try and fit it in before uni closes for the summer. I first came across Passenger from the song 'Let her go'. Which has been in my head for the past couple of weeks, my favorite off his album so far is 'The wrong direction'. It has a funky little summer rhythm that makes you want to sway, And I'm sure lots of people will relate to the lyrics. 'I love to feel love but I can't stand the rejection, i hide behind my jokes as a form of protection, I thought I was close but under further inspection it seems I've been running in the wrong direction.'
Anyway, this was only a little post, but definitely give Passenger a listen.Thanks for reading!

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