5 things I want to do with my summer that I probably won't do

I know I've already done a little blog post today, but it was a little blog post. I need this so I can look back in September and think "Wow, I did none of that, I'm a terrible, lazy person." I feel like last summer was so good and productive (because of Work experience) that I need to match it this year, I seriously really enjoyed last summer, despite the fact that most of it was spent working for free, but it was great doing a job that I wanted to wake up for. So here are five things I want to do this summer:
When I say travel, I don't mean by plane, Although I am going on holiday next Tuesday to Spain (not too keen on going). I just want to go places, get out and see nice places of the country, now I have a bit of money coming in this will be a lot easier to do. Camden market, Bath, Bristol. 
Despite just finishing a year of Art Foundation I haven't learned as much basic art theory as I had initially hoped. I imagined i'd finish this course and automatically be Bob Ross (hopefully not dead, but I secretly envied his epic afro and heavenly painting skills). I just wish I could draw and it really frustrates me, because it's something I really admire and it's a skill which would come in so handy. So I will draw, and do arty things and paint. I've thought about doing art classes for a couple of weeks but think I'll be the only young person there, so the internet might have to do. 
Something I've been meaning to do for a long time is utilise the many notebooks that my grandad left behind, he was a lover of writing and I've read through a lot of the notebooks. My grandad had altzheimers for a really long time, and slowly deteriorated over the years, so some of his writings make no sense at all, but some of them are really meaningful and lovely. It's a shame for them to just sit around in my room, They'd make a fantastic project which will not only give me something to do but would do my grandad proud :)
The other day I found my Nintendo DS charger, I don't know if this was a good thing, but I ended up spending quite a long time on Animal Crossing. The thing is when you leave Animal Crossing for 3 years you end up with an accumulation of weeds in your town. So my summer side job is to become a Nintendo gardener. And yes, I still like Animal Crossing. 
Every time I finish work I walk past the stand which holds the Macbooks, because for about 4-5 years I've been waiting for September 2013 to buy a laptop and in particular a Macbook pro. I'm still in the Victorian age and have to sit at a PC, I've had many cold winter evenings sat under my stairs with a hat and scarf on,wishing I could type in gloves. So it's time to start saving up a bit of my wages for that all important purchase. 

I very much doubt I'll stick to all these things, but it's worth a try.

Thanks for reading!

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