30 day snap #1

I want to post content a little more frequently now I'm off uni for a whole summer, so I thought I'd take part in A sprinkle of Glitter's - 30 day snap challenge . I always love little blogging challenges like this but never end up finishing them, which pretty much sums up my whole life, i start self-initiated projects and never finish them. Anyway, today my day has been pretty lazy, I worked, came home, got in my pajamas and awaited Chloe's arrival as she was coming over to give me my early birthday presents. Everything was so great, she knows me so well! I particularly love the Moomin pants (Sorry for posting underwear to my blog but it's totally necessary when Moomins are involved) and the crazy ginger cat on a disco ball birthday card. I kind of ate the Rainbow drops rather greedily, probably in less than 5 minutes. I really really hate birthdays, I hate the unnecessary attention and having to organize things, but I suppose I'm looking forward to a much needed night out on Saturday after getting Art Foundation results tomorrow and as a bit of a relief after such a stressful couple of months.

Thanks for reading 

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