A week of artistic tears, going with my gut feeling & supermarket sweeps.

This week has been hectic, at the beginning of the week I was a stressed out, emotional mess, I ended the week as a stressed out, emotional mess. Tears were  coming from my eyes and I had no idea why, But now I can look back and be proud that I managed to get through it. This week was final major project deadline week, and also the week I started my new job in Tesco (hooray! somebody has finally employed me).   So here are a few highlights of the last couple of weeks since i last blogged: 
1. Job interview at Tesco ~ Lots of painting with white paint for the end of year show preparation, lots of ruined clothes! ~ Business cards for the end of year show ~ Preparing my exhibition space, making it look as childish as possible ~ I got the job in Tesco and have temporarily become 'Des' that loves dolphins until my uniform and name badge arrive, I'm a personal shopper which means I basically do a supermarket sweep on my work shift and get peoples shopping for them, 6am starts though ~ FMP hand in after a week full of stress and lots of artistic tears ~ Braving the woodwork workshops ~ Work wounds ~ free cakes and my boyfriend becoming a fifth member of The Beatles ~

  Sadly, hand in day didn't go as well as I had hoped, I'm not gonna to go into detail, but I was angry and upset and this made me realize that despite what opinions people have you've always got to remain true to your gut instinct and do what you feel is right. What annoys me about the world of Graphic Design, despite how much I love it is that there's sometimes a certain stereotype that portrays designers as boring people who only spend their time working on a computer. If anything computer work is what I like the least about Graphics, It's the hand rendered and raw aspect I really like as it gives a much more personal feel,  I'm a fine artist in a designers mindset. But designers don't have to have pristine, perfect vector work to be 'designers' and this is what got to me. The great thing about art is that every creative category can branch into another in some way, photography can have aspects of design in it, Fine art can be created on a computer, Fashion can use traditional print techniques. I've learned so much off other people in Art Foundation that are focusing on different categories of art, if you just stick to learning from people that do the same thing as you, you're not going to have a very broad range of skills. I don't really know where I'm going with this blog post, but i guess what I'm saying is that it would be better if there were no sub categories of creativity, creatives are just creatives who like to do artistic things, because chances are whether you're a designer or a fine artist, we'll look at the same things and appreciate them. Anyway, that's my little rant over.As this post is quite art based I thought it would be good to share with you my top five favourite creatives, I always love discovering new people so here are a few of my favorite most versatile creatives: 

1. Kate Moross - I stumbled across Kate Moross' work when doing my A-Level Glastonbury designs, I needed an artist to research and totally fell in love with her colourful, funky work and personal style. Her style isn't something I'd usually go for, but I guess it was the bright colours that drew me in. I have such a design crush on Kate Moross and also for her art studio!
    2. Eduardo Recife - Its not until recently I discovered Eduardo Recife, I researched him for my final major project in art foundation and really like his mix of messy work with vintage looking collage work. 
3. Nazario Graziano - another one I recently discovered whilst doing my final major project research. Just a great mix of digital with traditional collage.
4. Raphael Vicenzi - Another crazy design crush on this artist, his work is so fresh looking and I don't think I've ever seen a similar style to his work before. Fabulous illustrations with a grungy, messy look. His illustrations are often quite fashion based, but so aesthetically pleasing. 
5. Tim Walker - This time a photographer who's work has always intrigued me. With fashion photography there's often a lot of emphasis on the models and showing off what they're wearing, but what really makes Tim Walker's photographs special is the effort he puts into the settings and backgrounds as seen in the photograph above.
I'm sorry this post has been a little negative and  poorly structured, I was a bit stuck on what to blog about but felt like doing a post anyway and having a little rant. As my fmp is coming to an end and i'll shortly be leaving Art foundation my next post will probably be an overview of my final major project and an emotional look back at my time in Newport uni studying art foundation. It's going to be a very emotional goodbye to everyone on my course, I've met such a variety of great people and some friends that have helped me when I've been down and who I know I'll remain close to. Even writing this is making me a little bit emotional, so expect the next post to be very soppy. 
This is my song choice for this week:
Thanks for reading guys and for your positive comments
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