A much needed catch up

Its been just over a month since I last blogged, and time has absolutely flown by, I did have a blog post planned, which I spent quite a lot of time on, and then I came down with glandular fever which absolutely sucked and so the blog post was out of date and not relevant :( I have indeed missed blogging and its taken me a lot to get back into it after a month of pure laziness, so thanks to Zoella's motivational 'Just say yes' video for motivating me into doing something, purely the most motivating ten minutes of video ever. Anyway, Before I actually start blogging about actual things I like to have a little catch up as lots has gone on in my little life since I last blogged, just not terribly exciting stuff:

So as you read above, the reason I haven't been able to blog is because I got glandular fever and became a temporary drug addict/total bed ridden, swollen, germ ridden disgusting mess. But now I'm celebrating because you don't get it twice! So basically I had what I thought was tonsillitis, took antibiotics, they didn't work, so I went back to the doctors with swollen glands and all the symptoms of this yucky illness, and it turns out I had glandular fever. The symptoms of this are basically swollen tonsils with little horrible white spots on (I did think about using the pictures I took as the above photograph, but thought it would gross you all out), swollen glands, tiredness which I had been feeling for a few weeks before, headaches, and sickness which I had from the antibiotics. I was lucky because I only seemed to have a mild version and am now almost 100% better, minus the liver swelling which absolutely sucks because after 2 weeks in bed all you want to do is get drunk and I can't get drunk! But the reason I got better so quickly is because of my fantastic mum and dad who practically waited on me every day, providing me with Weetabix topped with the perfect amount of sugar and milk, they also provided me with drugs and company. Also my lovely boyfriend who brought me ice cream, Doctor who DVDs and put up with my terrible tonsillitis breath. It wasn't the best time to get ill with my final major project deadline looming, but I'm up to date now and everything is going well :-)
Before I knew I had horrible mystery illness I went to the opticians as I had been having headaches whilst using the computers in uni and doing close up work, so I can proudly say I am now embracing my true inner secretarial dork features and have glasses for reading and using the computer. This has actually worked out pretty well for me because I never felt true in my dork features persona without a pair of glasses on my face, it also means if I ever use 'Dorkfeatures' as a future brand my logo can feature a cool pair of specs. I also feel all intellectual and brainy when I wear them.

I've been waiting so long to blog about this, there's a new member to my family, and he goes by the name of 'Qwerty'. I had a mad moment in my final major project where I decided to go on a typewriter shopping spree. I managed to track one down on Gumtree, which was just up the road from me and at the fantastic price of £5, With a little bit of oiling and fixing (credit to my diy dad) it now works and it's pretty fascinating to go back to basics. Its definitely made me appreciate the delete button on a normal keyboard, I've learnt that using a typewriter is much more complex than it looks, but i love the results.
I've had a lot of catching up to do as I missed a lot of uni work whilst I was in bed, and I think the other day I ended up doing about two weeks of work in one day. But it's strange how two weeks in bed can really make you want to actually do work. My project is slowly coming to an end, if you didn't know I'm producing a zine which is called 'Being little' and focuses around childhood nostalgia, mainly in my life and generally from the 1990s. So here is some  recent sketchbook work and general work from the past couple of weeks: 
Its been really fun doing this project and has allowed me to be all nostalgic and go back to the past. I'm really enjoying using such a large variety of mixed media and trying out a different style for a change, for me the most important part of this project is experimentation as I'm learning so much from it.  I'm really pleased with the way it's coming together even if my teacher did say it was 'too girly' and that my drawing style is 'very GCSE', he wants it to all be grunge, but I am refusing and doing whatever the hell I want. Yay for stubbornness.

Anyway, sorry if this is a boring blog post, but it was a much needed catch up with everything. Thank you for your ongoing lovely comments even in my absence and for continuing to follow me even though I am like the worst blogger in the blogging world.
Thanks for reading!
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