If i was a rich girl, nanananananananana.

 I often have days,weeks, maybe even months where nothing bloggable happens, or I just don't have any ideas for things to blog. So I thought up an idea this morning so I'd have something to fall back on now and again which gives me something to blog that isn't totally pointless and boring. I'm going to call this 'Fifteen things' and i'll be blogging them now and again. As I like making lists it'll be in a list format and this will vary on topics, 'Fifteen things I wish I could do.' or like today's 'Fifteen things I would buy if I were rich.' I know life's not all about money, but right now I'm trying to find a job and am failing, so this is just me drooling over what I could buy if I were a little bit rich. 

1. An art studio - This is one dream I really have, I can just picture it, a lovely little old style house with plenty of space for an art studio. The amount I've thought about this is ridiculous. It would have white floorboards, nice little features like a Victorian style fireplace and bay windows, bookshelves with lots and lots of creative books, i'd have such an amazing marker pen collection by then that i'd need my own space for my pens and materials, things stuck to the walls, bright colours everywhere, and then the desk which holds my 27" iMac. Yep, a girl can dream. But it's clear I've spent too long drooling over Kate Moross' art studio. 

2.A Macbook Pro - This is one thing I'll be getting in September when my student finance comes through, and something I've waited so long for. I don't actually have a laptop so I'm currently creating this from an old school PC which is located under my stairs (I know it sounds weird, It's not enclosed, don't worry). But just the thought of having a laptop makes me all excited. Being able to move around and do work in places that isn't under a staircase.

3. Adobe Creative Suite - I'm one of these people that feels bad about illegally downloading things, I once tried to torrent, and felt guilty and bad :( I've actually got a legal version of Photoshop which cost a ridiculous amount, even discounted. But at the time I didn't need the Creative suite, now I do. 

4.Lots of clothes, probably from H&M - I would happily buy a whole new wardrobe, or 5 new wardrobes. And most of these clothes would probably be from H&M, and if i were rich I'd actually be able to afford cool t-shirts from independent artists and Forever21 delivery charges!

5.A massive Dominoes feast - Some of you may remember from my new years resolutions that one of them was to give up spontaneous purchases of Dominoes Pizza. Recap... I was spending around £17 on pizza deals, for myself. Even after I had eaten food at home, just because pizza is so good. So I'd go all out if I were rich and do this again. In fact I'd buy pizza for everyone. Pizza makes people happy. 

6. Travel - I'd be able to afford to travel if I were rich, so this is what I'd do. America, Australia, Norway, Germany, France, Italy,Bangkok - I'd go anywhere really :-)

7.Festival Tickets - Every year festival season comes around, the line-ups get announced and I have a ridiculous low amount of money in my bank account (currently 23p). I wish 23p could buy me a festival ticket, but in reality, it can't. Anyway, every year I say "I'll definitely go to a festival next year." - I think I'll be saying this until I'm grey and using a walking stick.

8.As many fine liners and marker pens/art supplies as humanly possible - As I said in the first point, I want so many marker pens that I have to organize them. If I could buy the whole of Hobbycraft, I would.

9. Driving Lessons - I've failed twice now, and my theory test runs out in October, so I'd have to re-take it. I can't afford driving lessons anymore, and I've already spent a ridiculous amount of money on driving.

10. Unlimited Spotify - I've said it before, and I will say it again,Unlimited Spotify = happiness. I recently had to cancel my Spotify subscription and it broke my heart. First world problems, eh?

11. Lego - I know I'm nearly 19, but Lego is amazing. It's also really expensive.

12. A new SLR camera - my camera is always dying on me lately, and it's old and heavy (Nikon D70).

13. A Banjo and a mandolin, or a room full of musical instruments - Since I started my Mumford craze I've wanted to be able to host a shindig, but sadly this requires two things: A beard and either a Banjo or mandolin. I don't ever plan on growing a beard, but I'd love a Banjo or mandolin so I could become a hillbilly.

14. Gifts for people - Most importantly, I'd buy lots of things for lovely people. Maybe even just leave things hanging around in public places, or randomly buy some stranger a train ticket or just a generally nice thing. I love buying people things :D

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If you can think of things maybe comment below with the 15 things you would purchase if you suddenly became rich.

Thanks for reading!
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