April brings chocolate and creative motivation

Its been over a week since I did a rather lazy 50 facts post, and despite still being off uni for Easter I haven't really found the time to blog, mainly because I'm always asleep. It's almost time to go back to uni and I must say I've missed it, but have enjoyed having spare time on my hands. Recently I've ended up doing quite a lot of sketchbook work, and the best thing is that creativity is no longer forced and I've actually enjoyed what I've been doing. The creative block I've been lazily moaning about seems to have gone and I'm back to my normal somewhat motivated self. I'm really happy with the way my final major project is coming along and feel like all my research is helping me generate ideas and develop,As I have very little good quality photographic evidence of anything I've done this week  I thought I'd share some of my new pages with you and the great artists I've been researching into:
This is probably my favorite page out of them all, Research into Eduardo Recife, a mixed media collage artist, i had great fun creating these pages. 

Today i decided to do an experimental media page, As I'm creating a zine its got to be printed on some kind of paper, but I want to make it textured and more exciting than using basic paper, So i printed on tracing paper, Pages from The Goblet Of Fire (so sorry JK), Watercolour paper and gridded paper. 
Another mixed media page, this time researching David Fullarton, I really love his work, it's so messy but looks great. 
This is where 'Dorkfeatures' comes into play, although I hadn't actually seen Star Trek until a few weeks ago,  But yes, an almost pointless research page on Star Trek, but my topic is Random Logic, and Vulcan philosophy resolves around logic, so It somehow relates and gave me an excuse to make a messy galaxy page.

Not the most exciting pages, but looking into Lee Crutchley, the creator of Quoteskine, and a few experimental versions of lettering.

Typography subject page, with another page of typography theory and acetate over the top. I have an obsession with printing on acetate it seems. 
Despite not having any decent quality photos I do have some Instagrams to sum up my week and a half:

~Nice packaging in Tesco ~ Afternoon tea for Mum's birthday ~ Lots of potato waffles ~ Message in a bottle
I've had a really lovely couple of weeks with great company and actually, Its been quite a fun Easter for once, with somewhat nice weather. I'm thinking my next post will be over the weekend and will probably be revolving around negativity and my lack of confidence because its been something I've been thinking about lately, I've never been a confident person, but lately I have no confidence for anything. So expect a mahooosive rant.
Thanks for reading guys and for your lovely comments :-)

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