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Creative block has hit, I know some people think that creative blocks are for creative wimps, and that you should just get on with the work that you've been set, but the truth is when I'm not creatively motivated, the work i produce makes me want to cry sad design tears. And if I'm not happy with the work I'm producing, I just won't use it. Creative blocks usually happen for me a few weeks into receiving a new brief. What usually happens is you get a new brief and it seems all shiny and exciting, and you develop ideas in no time, you're excited about this new project, but then it stops being new and the excitement kind of fizzles out, and you're looking forward to your next project. Creative block must happen to everyone at some point in their lives, so I thought I'd put a little list together of things I tend to do when this happens, to overcome it. And also because creating this blog post is actually adding to my motivation as i type each word.
    1. This may also be a form of procrastination, but sometimes you just need to procrastinate and do something that is the total opposite of what you need to do.  I tend to jam out on guitar when I'm lacking creativity, and just go mental, it's always better if no one's home because you can menacingly jump around on furniture and pretend you're Jimi Hendrix.
  2. The internet doesn't always 'do it for me', sometimes I just need to get a pile of books out and look through them or read them. Most of my books are art related so there's not much reading required, but finding new artists/designers always excites me when I'm lacking motivation and inspiration. 
3. One thing i realised recently is that whenever my room is messy (which is most of the time) I'm a lazy person. This results in me being a lazy person, most of the time. As you can see, my room is currently a mess, and I have nowhere to work, things are difficult to find under a mound of clothes, there's no way you can be organised and motivated when the place you have to go is a mess.
4. Get out of your pajamas, and go for a walk, anywhere. Because there's not much you're going to see that inspires you in the house, but if in the words of Frank Turner you 'Get up, get down and get outside' then you're bound to see something which sparks an idea. 
5. Put some motivating music on. Today I'm listening to my 'Happy playlist' because it has upbeat and motivational songs on it, but i literally have a playlist for every occasion, ranging from 'Headache be gone' to 'Deadline dilemma'. If you don't have Spotify or aren't sad enough to have 30+ playlists like me, then 8tracks is a great website and online community where people contribute playlists.
6. You're screwed if you're an unmotivated photographer, but I like to take photographs if I'm un-motivated. But I suppose if you are an un-motivated photographer you could try something new, do the opposite of what you usually do. Design something. 
7. Pin the hell out of everything. I really should get employed as a Pinterest promoter, but I find it great for inspiring me and  also storing things. So go crazy. 
8. For me this is the most important one, making lists is something I always do, mainly to help me understand where I am with things and what I need to achieve. Sometimes it's hard to juggle things around your head, but if you write them down it becomes a lot more easy to organize yourself. 
Hopefully the next time i blog it'll be about something I've created, or sketchbook work I've been doing. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation as me. Thanks for reading guys and for your positive comments throughout the week! P.s - hello Brandon ;)
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