A very delayed introduction

The feedback on my blog recently has been great, and I really appreciate your comments and follows, I get a little excited every time i receive an email notification and it's a blog comment. So I thought as I've never actually introduced myself on this blog I'd do a little introductory post. I'm also off for Easter so will hopefully have time in the week to do a proper blog post.
01 Firstly, to start, my name is Lauren Rebecca Goodland, and in French 'Goodland' is Bonnesterre which was my previous blog name before i changed it. 'Dorkfeatures' has been a username I've used for ages and originated when I was about 13/14 by my best friend, Chloe. 
02 I'm a British non-tea drinker, I think tea is disgusting and i hadn't drank a cup of tea until last year.
03 I want to be a graphic designer and drool over the thought of being in a job i want to wake up for.
04 I don't think I've ever had a face to face argument with someone, I hate arguing and would much rather deal with the problem and find a way to get over it. 
05 My favourite band is Mumford & Sons and I once cried watching them perform on the Brit Awards. 
06 Lately I eat a lot of potato waffles
07 I am a fat person in a thin person's body and don't seem to put any weight on.
08 I am extremely lazy and spend most of my time in my pajamas doing absolutely nothing.
09 I have two older sisters and we're very close.
10 I've failed my driving test twice, the first time I stopped at a green light *slow clap*.
11 Relating to number 10, I am an extremely nervous person and get nervous at almost every test situation.
12 When I was in high school I wanted to be a ballroom and latin dance teacher, so I took GCSE P.E, what a stupid idea that was, but at least I got a cosy hoodie.
13 I wasn't entered for my compulsary GCSE P.E netball exam because I was really that bad at netball.
14 I've never had any pets other than fish, and this makes me really sad. :(
15 In the future I want my own art studio with lots of books and an iMac and cool things in it.
16 In September I'll be starting my degree studying Graphic Communication at the University of Glamorgan.
17 I'm currently studying in the University of Wales,Newport and am doing a year of Art Foundation.
18 However, I can't draw to save my life and it makes me really sad.
19 I don't have much patience with tasks, I get bored of tasks very easily and always move on to something else. I like variety in my life and maybe this is why I want to be a Graphic Designer. 
20 I really love chip butties and fish finger sandwiches.
21 Fish fingers and mayonnaise is a top class combination.
22 I've never eaten a steak.
23 I love patterns and lots of my clothes/shoes are pretty crazily patterned. I also love Paperchase for this reason.
24 When I was 9 I fell up the stairs, passed out and had to be carried down the stairs on a stretcher, being completely vertical and helpless and going down stairs is very scary.
25 I wish I got to wear a blazer in school.
26 In college I studied Photography, Graphics and Media Studies, initially in the first year French as well, which I dropped two lessons in and changed to English Literature.
27 As you can see I'm not very academic.
28 I really really hate maths, I see numbers and completely freak out, I have cried at maths quite a lot which is a really sad thing to say, but it's true.
29 I cry at lots of things. I am a complete emotional wreck.
30 In some ways I'm a perfectionist, but in other ways I'm really not, I'm quite a messy person.
31 I never really listen to what people tell me to do because I always have to go with my heart.
32 I have a love/hate relationship with the seasons. In the summer I want winter hats and scarves and in the winter i want summer and shorts.
33 Certain things have happened in my life which seem to have turned me into a complete pessimist, but they've also made me a stronger person and taught me lots of things.
34 I've never smoked, which is something I'm really proud of.
35 I'd love to live in Bristol or Bath.
36 I'm not scared of dying myself but I'm scared of people i love dying.
37 I'm a strong believer that if something's meant to happen it'll happen, and that you can't stop it, So if I were to walk to town and get shot, It was just meant to happen. I use this excuse a lot with my parents, I don't really see danger at all.
38 I love McNuggets and Mcnugget drives are an important part of my life.
39 I missed out on probably 10 years of no Christmas dinner, because I never used to like it and ate salad for Christmas dinner at my read early learning center table.
40 I used to love mashed potato when I was little, but now I don't really like it.
41 I was a weird child and used to eat paper and flowers.
42 I hate having the attention on me, being in the spotlight. I'd rather just blend in with everyone.
43 I am on way too many websites.
44 My favourite colour is teal.
45 I wish I could surf and say every year that I'm going to learn and never do.
46 I'm really scared of relationships.
47 The Summer of 2008 brought both the best memories I have and the worst. And it's both a really low part of my life, but a really important part as well.
48 I used to play on the dance mat so much when I was younger that I'd see arrows in my sleep, I was pro.
49 I really like buying people things, even little stupid thoughtful things, I like seeing people happy and knowing they're appreciated so I tend to go out of my way to make people happy.
50 I am very gullible and will believe almost anything anyone tells me. 

I really don't expect you to read all those facts, but it was kind of fun to do and taught me a lot about myself. This week has been quite a busy one, I'm off for Easter and have had two gigs in one week. On Monday I saw The Script again, and they were fabulous, they always put so much effort into gigs. On Friday I saw Biffy Clyro, a band who I've wanted to see for such a long time, It was an amazing gig, maybe not as crazy as I'd have liked it to be. But I was so amazed with the effort they had put into the staging.
Anyway, expect a decent post up next week, I just thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself, and what better way than fifty totally random facts?

Thanks for reading
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