Sleep is for the week

So this week, as I thought, has been a mental week, but at the same time I've totally slacked. Except for on Thursday-Friday when the Art Foundation deadline all nighter happened. Except for me it wasn't a full all nigher, i got about 2 hours sleep on three swivel chairs as a makeshift bed. This week really taught me that sleeping in university isn't fun, and that my next deadline needs to be chilled. This is going to be a somewhat lazy post, as right now I'm relaxing, so this is going to consist of what has happened recently. 
Got ridiculously excited over Alphabet Spaghetti, pure nostalgia ~ Final Major Project research, realising I have lots of creative books and drinking iced coffee to get me through the day ~ Hangover cure Subway after going to a housewarming party and being a little bit worse for wear. ~ Nice street art I spotted in Newport ~ Had a Starbucks all on my own, I managed to pluck up the courage to actually sit in Starbucks alone, and got a newspaper so I didn't look like such a loner ~ Turtle facing because of the looming deadline and the fact I had to finish my altered book ~ Thursdays to do list for the deadline all nighter, I seriously cannot believe i managed to get it all done ~ On Wednesday I had a Sigh no more day ~ More colourful street art in Newport
Also, possibly the most exciting/daunting part of this week is that I received my Final Major project theme for Art Foundation, MY LAST EVER PROJECT. Quite emotional, but I really am going to put a lot of effort into this one. I've started a new Pinterest board with some of my ideas, the theme of our project is 'Random Logic' which at first scared me as it has so many possibilities. After brainstorming the hell out of the topic I've come to the conclusion that my strongest idea is life itself at the moment, Life is random and logical, religious people may believe that lifes path is set out and ready for us to follow, whereas other people believe that things happen randomly, with no meaning. At the moment I'm researching into zines, and want to produce a zine of the pathway of my life so far, which will include a mixture of facts and aspirations, I really didn't want to be too specific with a subject, so doing a zine will hopefully allow me to use different materials and work in different ways, but it's also quite a big task to do. At the moment I'm asking around people trying to find out what the meaning of life is to them, so any comments on that below will be hugely appreciated and will help me in my research!
Also, hello March. This is going to be a busy but exciting month, I am seeing Biffy Clyro and The Script this month, which are the main exciting things, so hopefully it should be a good one!
This is a good video to explain what I'm trying to get at:

Thanks for reading guys!
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