Research, city lust, stage fright and recovery.

I've had a lovely week off uni this week, supposedly 'Research week' but I did one day of spontaneous research, my excuse is that you can't push creativity, but really I was just a lazy bones. I've spent this week with great company, and its been really nice. Without going into detail, things are finally looking up, despite the beginning of the year starting really badly. My final major project research is coming together, even though I've been slacking. My research is taking me somewhere, but I'm not quite sure where yet, but it's all coming in useful. On Saturday I spent some much needed time with my parents as I don't spend enough time with them anymore, we went to Bath, and as usual I was suffering from a serious case of what I like to call 'City lust'. I wish I had the guts to move away to university in Bath, but it's just not practical right now, and I'm too much of a wimp. Tomorrow I have a presentation to do in front of my class, explaining what I'm going to do for my final major project, and I have a serious case of stage fright. I hate being the center of attention in any situation, and I will no doubt be shaking crazily tomorrow. 
A mood board for the first page of my sketchbook, you'll see a recurring obsession with 500 Days of summer in this project, I'm sure. ~ A research page on 500 days of summer, I picked these two pages because they're my favorite out of my research so far, this may seem a bit off the track for research but this film has inspired me massively, and the non linear narrative is one i really like ~ Actually appreciating classical architecture in Bath, as much as I try not to, I still have pillars on the brain since our classical architecture project. ~ A cool cafe in Bath called 'The mad hatter's tea party' with these really quirky card chairs ~ On the subject of my FMP, Frank Turner has massively inspired me, just generally in life, and as my project is going to be based around 'life' i'll no doubt find a way of getting him into my research. I'm really in love with his new single 'Recovery' this week, I remember him playing a few of his new songs from 'Tape deck heart' when i saw him in December, and they sound great! I can't wait for the release of the album on April 22nd. 
All in all, a really great week. If i had to sum it up in one word it would be 'Waffles' as I've eaten an unhealthy amount of waffles, after being told you can toast them. I'm now afraid for my future, if I don't blog in a while, I've probably turned into a waffle. Thanks for reading guys, and thank you for all your comments and for the new follows!
Also, How do you deal with stage fright? because I'm really bad at presentations, and need to be good at them if I have any hope of becoming a graphic designer, so if you have any tips, comment below :-)
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