Notebooks and sunshine = Happiness

I know I only blogged on Sunday, but I bought a few things which I felt the need to blog about, mainly notebooks to be honest. If you follow me on Twitter you'll probably know by now that I have a little notebook buying addiction going on, The usual process is I buy a notebook because it looks pretty, or the paper feels nice, I then write on one page and feel like I've ruined it, so need another notebook. It's a vicious notebook shopaholic circle. Anyway, today has been a lovely sunny day, in fact this week so far has been sunny, which is unusual as it's my week off university. Me and my mum went to do a bit of shopping and i bought a few things from Primark, my mum treated me to a few things which are part of my Easter present instead of an Easter egg. We were also meant to be going to Greenmeadow farm today (because I asked, despite being eighteen) but by the time we finished shopping it was too late as it closed at 3.30. We're going to reschedule for another day, because I love the little lambs so much. 
What is this on my walls? Sun? I love this time of year, when you have all the summer clothes coming into shops, and the weather becomes a little more bearable, The excitement I felt when I walked into Wilkinsons today and saw a new range of stationary was ridiculous, I've blogged about Wilkinson's stationary collections before, admiring how cute they are, but they've just got even cuter. I've also been researching lots on my Final major project, brain storming and what not in my little book, I feel really motivated with this project and feel like I'm moving forward with it. Tomorrow it would've been my grandad's birthday, which made me dig out this photograph, which is possibly my favourite photograph I have with my nan and grandad. I miss him crazily, I wish he was here to see everything that's going on in my life especially the fact I'm doing an art course, he would've been so interested in it. Grandparents are such special people, they carry so much history and knowledge and it's sad that they have to go.  But not to end on a bad note, he had a great life jam packed full of exciting things, and I really look up to him. 

I hope everyone's enjoying the lovely weather, although I think it's going to change tomorrow :(
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