Winter blues

It's that time of the year, where despite wishing winter to get here, I start to hate it. I am, like most people currently suffering from a spot of winter blues. I've had enough of standing at chillingly cold bus stops with no shelters, leaving the house on a good day and instantly having a bad hair day, breaking umbrellas and generally the cold. And now It's that time where I wish summer would get here.
I really liked last summer, despite it not always being that hot, we did have a sudden burst of 32 degree weather at some point, so I decided to compile a list of things that I miss about it. 
   I want to wear shorts, simple enough ~ I miss work experience and sitting down The Bay eating ice creams, having pints outside after work , insanely long lunch breaks sat on the steps in the sun, and particularly Tesco ham and cheese sandwiches ~ Days feeling longer because the sun is up for longer, it gives you more options of things to do, and feels nice ~ I'm fed up of freezing my arse off going to town, even though the summer was a little bit cold in town too ~ Being able to spontaneously go up Beechwood park and just chill out ~ I love BBQ's and the food and the taste ~ Pretty self explanatory ~ It's easy in the summer to hide your sleepiness with sunglasses, I like that. ~ SCREW YOU WINTER COAT, I'M FED UP OF YOU ~ An obvious one, even though British summer weather isn't that great, It's nice feeling the sun on you ~ This one won't apply this year as they'll still be in university i think (possibly) ~ There's this one particular teal coloured summer dress that I really love and I can't wait to wear it again ~ Bed in the winter is just so cosy, it makes it impossible to get out of bed, a sunny day gives me more motivation.

However, There are a few things I hate about the summer which I'll no doubt be moaning about when the summer hits us, including flying insects, being pale, being too hot to sleep, & having to do work inside when you desperately want to be outside. But despite these, I can't wait for summer to hurry up and get here, or even just spring.

P.S - I want to make a few changes to this blog in the near future, for a start, blogging regularly, even if it's just for myself. And also I want this blog to be quite art based, so chances are I'll be posting some sketchbook work here.