When it’s just the two of us, and a cute little cup of cyanide

My camera's playing up today which means my planned post has not gone to plan. It's showing up with a card error, with  both cards, my little Nikon is dying on me. And of course, I had to think of a way to get Simon Neil onto my blog, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
The long awaited album 'Opposites' by Biffy Clyro is now out, and they've done a great job. I purchased the album on the day it was released here in the UK and have listened to it every day since then. Its caused me to be late for university numerous times this week, as I've wanted to stay at home and take in the lovely new music. Any new album they release will never be able to compare to 'Puzzle', mainly because of the emotional meaning that the songs on that album have, relating to the death of Simon's mother. But, they've still done a good job and have produced a great album. As soon as I listened to it I was impressed by the first song 'Different People', it has a great build up and I particularly like the "Scintillating and inspirational conversation." part, I can't even describe why, it just makes my ears happy. Another favourite off the album so far is 'Picture a knife fight.' and their single 'Black Chandelier' is great, with some lovely lyrics. I sadly didn't download the Deluxe album as I was pretty broke at the time and didn't realize that it was a double disc, so at the moment I've only got the normal one, but have listened to the full album on Spotify.
I cannot wait to see them in March and will be fighting the crowd to get a full view of Simon's chest.  Also pretty stoked for the fact that City and Colour is the support act, Dallas Green is up there on the list of my favourite solo artists. I am really hoping Biffy play 'Folding Stars' live, as it's my favourite song and actually makes me tear up when I hear it live.

But seriously impressed with this album, MON THE BIFF.
P.S - 'Different people' sounds really nice acoustic
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