My top five creative music videos

Today and this week in fact, have been very busy. Tomorrow I'll be posting a personal blog post, because I had my first university interview today and I have news for you! Also, to the person/people that have been commenting anonymously, I can't reply to your comments because they're anonymous and I don't know who you are to answer your questions, so if you follow me on Twitter ask me on there :-)  
I fancied blogging tonight and I've been thinking about doing this post for a while, because there are so many extremely cool and creative music videos out there, and a lot of hard work has clearly gone into them. I'm hoping to spend some of my summer looking at a moving image project of some kind, I really fancy trying stop motion again, but not to the extent of animation week in university. Anyway, here are some of my favourite creative music videos, sadly, VEVO doesn't allow video playback on Blogger so I thought I'd screen shot my favourite parts of each video and then just link you to the video so you an watch it. 

Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Despite people moaning that Coldplay are boring and depressing, I see a fun side to them, they always produce quirky and really creative music videos. If you follow me on Twitter/Facebook you'll know I love the artistic style of Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay's latest album (And never stop going on about it) This video is a fabulously made stop motion where various graffiti-ed backdrops move behind the band. Colourful, and very much my style. 
Anyone who doesn't find this simplistic animation with flying pigs and JCBs cute quite possibly has no soul. Going a bit old school with this music video, but this song and video will always remain one of my favourites. Nizlopi is a great musician (Yes, he did exist for other reasons than this song). It's just simple. An animation on a piece of paper. It was directed by this guy.
The only way I can describe this video is that It's as exciting as when you were watching Art Attack as a kid and Neil created a 'Big Art Attack'. It's amazing. Ok Go are well known for their creative music videos, particularly 'Here it goes again' with the impressive treadmill dance which we all wish we could master at the gym one day. Please give this one a watch!

A music video, with jelly beans? Apparently it's possible to have this much patience. Incredible music video, I watched the making of this video as well, also worth a watch. 
A simple concept and video, but great artwork which must've taken a very long time to create. I'm not sure if this was inspired by Erika Simmons or whether she was commissioned for this music video, but either way her work is fantastic. My favourite is the Jimi Hendrix one!

It's nice that some musicians take the time and effort and create these amazing videos which really stand out, It's a shame not everybody does this.

Whilst we're on the discussion of moving image, a few of my friends in uni that are on the same Art Foundation course as me have recently started up a group Youtube Channel which will document many creative things ranging from animation to cooking and vlogging, so if you're interested check it out here

What are your favourite music videos? 

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