A place I like to call 'Banksyland'

Yesterday me and my family took a little trip to Bristol (Banksyland), and of course, I tagged along because Bristol's my favorite place for everything, I really should be aiming to move there for university, but I don't have the guts or the wish to have lots more debt than I already will after university. It was a really lovely day out and it was great after months of buying nothing to throw my stress away after a busy week and have a little therapeutic shopping spree. I mainly bought everything from Primark, so here's what I bought:
 So happy to finally own something Rob Ryan as I'm such a fan of his intricate and amazing work, And for £3.49 there was no way I was going to let this leave my hands in TK Maxx, I love TK Maxx and the happiness you feel when you stumble upon something you like, and even better if there's only one of them
 I had seen these rings on Tumblr and really wanted them as I love blue jewellery like this, not quite sure what it's called, they're a little bit big as you can only adjust them to make them bigger, but if I wear them with other rings they may just about stay on, these were £2.50 from Primark
This super cosy jumper, which I think is quite good for £8, It feels nice quality considering it's from Primark and has a nice zip down the back.
Also a cosy purchase, these knitted socks, which are nice to wear with boots of whatever when It's cold, WHICH IS ALWAYS. There was also a pastel pink pair which came with this grey pair, and I think they were £2.50 - Primark
Mustache tote bag - £1.50 - Primark - Because they seem to hold all the arty crap I have to carry around uni without breaking.
Sorry for the awful picture, but this necklace which is one of those necklaces that will get tangled in like a day because it has three parts, but I like these necklaces. Think this was £3.00 - Primark

In Bristol I was also amazed when I walked past the Harvey Nichols store, the shop window was amazing, and tourists were actually having their photograph taken next to it. I wish I had taken my own photos, but luckily stumbled upon photos on the Harvey Nichols website:
Here's the link to all of their shop window displays on the Harvey Nichols Website
I'm feeling strangely angry today, and on angry days there's only one song for the job:

Thanks for reading guys :-) 
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