2013 Goals

I'm one of these people that jumps on the bandwagon in New year and makes up silly little goals which I must admit, sometimes get completed. Last year I managed 15/25, but most of them I completed without realizing. I'm putting these up here so I can remember them myself.

1.Do something active - I do no exercise, and I want something to do/somewhere to go when I'm feeling stressed or upset.  Join the gym in uni, maybe start back at Ballroom & Latin dancing seen as every time I watch Strictly come dancing I want to bawl my eyes out. I really used to love dancing and I think I can still remember most of the steps, I just need someone to go with now!

2. Start up the uni radio show - My group of friends in uni want to do it too, and I've always wanted to get involved with radio, even if it's just the nerdy side of it, messing with all the controls :3 

3.Stop breaking headphones - I am a headphone destroyer. I normally get through more than ten pairs of headphones each year.

4.Be tidy - I am disgusting. Actually a revolting messy teenager. I have a terrible habit of leaving bowls and cups in my room with stuff in them, it eventually gets to the point where the bowls/cups smell like death itself.  You only have to ask the people in my class, and they'll tell you that I left a cup-a-soup in a mug for about a week. Also, my bags are a mess, I fear putting my hand to the bottom of my bag. I am actually disgusting. 

5. Be less lazy - I'm sat here writing this at 2:44pm in my pajamas, I didn't wake up 'til gone twelve. I am such a slob lately.

6. Spend more time with family - Lately I feel like I've kind of abandoned my family, especially my parents. I never really do anything with them anymore, I'm just this thing that lives in the house,eats and sleeps. 

7. Man up and stop crying - I don't know if this one will work out, as I've already broken this resolution. But I'm such a wimp, I have no backbone and I often let people walk all over me. I cry at films, books, if I think I've done anything remotely wrong, Eastenders, Even happy parts in films. But the reality is, I am just a wimp. 

8. Sort out university and be pleased with the outcome- This means that I hope to get into my top university, which is Glamorgan, because I don't really want to go anywhere else. I've sent UCAS and everything off so now I need to move my ass and get my portfolio finished for interviews.

9. Appreciate things more - I definitely moan too much, and this means I don't appreciate what I have. 

10. Stop spontaneously buying Dominoes Pizza - Six days into this year and I haven't so far, although today is my weak day where I tend to buy Dominoes. Last week I spent £17 on Pizza and other things, for myself, after I had already eaten. And then the day after I regretted spending £17 on a pizza, even though it was incredibly tasty.

11. Move forward Graphics-wise -  I can't predict what'll happen this year, but graphics-wise last year was great. This year I want to really focus on becoming something and sorting out my Facebook page, portfolio, maybe even a website if I can decide on a name for myself. I'm probably being too optimistic, but yeah. I also want to do some more freelance work and actually remember to send my invoice!

12.Fundraising - Back a few years ago me and my friends did lots of fundraising for the RNLI in Louis' name, and It was really nice and rewarding. I don't think it's right to fundraise in his name anymore for peoples sake, but I still feel the need to thank the RNLI for everything they did and continue to earn some money for them. So I'd like to do some more this year.

13. Go out drinking less - Even though this isn't going to happen because lately I've missed town so much, so I might as well cross this one off. Maybe change this to go out to town more. 

14. Take lots of photos/videos - I'd like to have lots of things to look back on this time next year, and maybe even create a video montage of everything thats gone on.

15. Take iron medication - because I just should. 

16. Improve on guitar & piano, have patience with learning songs and stick to one. I've always wanted to learn Blackbird - The Beatles and it would be good if i could tackle it this year, as well as the dreaded B chord and a few other horrible (but necessary) ones.

17. Blog more! Because it's fun.

I'm back in uni tomorrow, so chances are 17 won't happen, but I'll try.