Be kind to me 2013

 As an attempt to make up for the lack of consistent blogging over 2012 I thought I'd blog my little heart out and do a review of my year. As much as i can look back and moan at all the crappy things that have happened, or the first world problems I've had, *Jinxing risk* But, I must say this year has been a fairly good one, without any major negative family happenings (we seem to of had one every year), So I thought I'd share the positives and also look back.
1. How on Earth did I manage this one? I know everybody is fed up of seeing this stupid design, and to be honest so am I, but It's a very important part of 2012 for me and It's something which I know is going to help me out big time in the future. This was one of the first major Graphics related happenings of 2012 and it got me six billboards across the UK, an exhibition and press coverage. I still hate being in the limelight and it makes me cringe, but this is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I never win anything, and I must say I'm quite proud for once! I'm hoping it'll help me out in my interviews for university
2. Finally, I went to Camden market, and spent lots of money. It's a place I've wanted to go to for ages, and it was amazing, like Bristol but 100x cooler. Me,Brandon,Hannah and Jen got the Megabus to London, and went from there. I  managed to fit in another visit to the much loved Moomin shop in Covent Garden, so I was very happy. And my main achievement ~ Haggling.

     3. Happiness in life is going to lots of gigs, and I said last year I wanted to go to lots this year, and I managed six, which I think is quite a decent amount. Firstly - Florence & The Machine, she was amazing, and is such a humble person with a lovely cute speaking voice, I paid £25 for a t-shirt to find Primark selling them for about a tenner which was a low point in my life. Second gig was Gabrielle Aplin, who has recently become famous due to her John Lewis Christmas single 'The Power of Love'. Please listen to her EPs because they're amazing! It's great to see that she's finally getting the publicity she deserves. It was a lovely intimate gig in Clwb ifor Bach and we got to meet Gabrielle, speak to her, get my two EPs signed, and we also met Harry from the fantastic Irish band Hudson Taylor (Formerly Harry and Alfie) whom me and Chloe fell in love with and now Twitter stalk. Next up was Kate Nash, which I was extremely disappointed with. Me and Chloe had waited years to see her and hear her play Mariella, and she played two of her old songs and the rest were terrible depressing mid life crisis Kate Nash screamo songs. Next up, Two door cinema club in HMV,Dublin where they played a live set, more details about that at the end of this post. Then Frank Turner who I saw recently in Bath, HE WAS FANTASTIC, enough said. And finally the best till last, Mumford & Sons. Finally. I'm rambling and can't even begin to explain how amazing the moment seeing them was.
Next year so far I have The Script, Biffy Clyro, Ghost the musical and hopefully King Charles to see if we book tickets! I cannot wait to see Biffy Clyro as i love them and Simon Neil and City and colour are supporting.

4. I finally turned 18 this year which to me means the start of freeeedom. It really annoys me that people get engaged and have children so early on in life when you're only actually free to do what YOU want to do when you turn 18, no strings attached. Just time to enjoy yourself. People throw that away too quickly. Anyway, enough of my Ghandi speech. My 18th birthday was great, It was the first time I had ever been out on the town and I really thought I was going to hate it, but months later I've turned into a right party animal, and love going out. I cannot face touching Sambuca after my 18th birthday, the smell of it makes me want to heave. Bleurgh...

5. To me this has been possibly the part of 2012 that has really improved my skills and me as a person, In the summer my old form tutor and media teacher contacted me asking if I would fancy doing some work experience over the summer at a place called A10 Strategic media. They didn't have anyone really doing the Graphic design side of things. I happily took up the offer, settled in, had lots of free meals, became a keen pint drinker, ate Tesco cheese & ham sandwiches almost every day, got quite drunk on a few occasions, and as well as that worked hard of course! It was really rewarding seeing my design work being used for real purposes, on websites and what not. I also had to tackle quite a lot of things I didn't know how to do such as web design & using Flash. I really got settled in there and thoroughly enjoyed my couple of months having a taste of the industry. They offered me a Graphic Design job but I was unable to take it due to being in university every day, I'm now doing some freelance work for the person that got me work experience which is great!

6. With this summer being the last summer we all really had together as both a year group and as a group of friends I wanted to have a nice summer and spend lots of time with them. What we had of a summer I tried to make the most of, although I was at work experience most of the time and the weather wasn't always too great. The most important wish I had was to celebrate the anniversary of Louis' death with something special this year, So we arranged a meet up at Caerleon amphitheater where we had all last been together on a summer outing before he passed away. Me and my group of close friends visited the crematorium and planted a little cactus which reminded us of Lou's extremely spiky gelled hair, we then lit candles at the amphitheater and let off a few Chinese lanterns, and they worked properly really for the first time. I think the nicest thing is that we really celebrated Louis' life this year, instead of moping around and getting upset about it, i know that's what Lou would've wanted and he'd be happy that we spent it together for the last time.

7. The biggest surprise for me in 2012 was my A-Level results, and I'm still so happy with them and can't believe it. The biggest achievement was the A* i got in Graphic Design, I had put so much effort into the two years graphics and didn't think it would pay off that well, I was thrilled. I also got a B in photography and finally moved up to a C in Media after re-sitting a few times. We definitely celebrated that night out in town and I met someone great :-)  My mum still goes around telling people I got an A* in graphics which is extremely cringe worthy.

8. As a little break for my sister's 30th birthday we all went to Dublin, me and my mum and dad surprised my sisters and their husband/boyfriend at the airport and told them we were going with them too, they were thrilled. Going to Dublin was lovely because it's where my grandad grew up, so it was lovely getting a taste of the fabulous Irish culture, and getting a taste for it I sure did. I am now a Guinness obsessed freak, and It's quite worrying how much Guinness I've drank since we went away in September. Anyway, In Dublin my sisters boyfriend proposed to her on ha'penny bridge, so I am now due to be a bridesmaid again! I also met Two Door Cinema Club whilst in Dublin which was crazily lucky, they were doing a signing for their new album in HMV and I happened to walk past, so i managed to see the live set, meet them and get a signed CD! My sisters also managed to meet The Script in Dublin airport on the way home and have pictures with Danny O'donoghue (My love), but sadly we flew home on a different day so never got to meet them. I really want to go back to Dublin just because I loved the music, the culture, the people, THE ACCENT.

9. Such a big step of 2012, starting university. Being so terrified that I wouldn't make friends and that I'd be a loner, and then meeting my big dysfunctional family which consists of Me,Nadia,Jess,Katie,Mia,Papa Tim,Sara,Dave and Sara's new Kitten (Mr.Meow Meow) of course. I am now known as 'Cat womb girl' (It's best I don't explain) And am well known for my #ShitLaurenSays. I absolutely love my course, we're all one huge family and all get on and what I love the most is being surrounded by a group of people that all think creatively but in different ways. Art Foundation has consisted of lots and lots and lots of food, crying into architectural structures, crying over an animation, celebrating the end of stressful projects with lots of alcohol, singing Britney spears in the SU bar after celebrating with lots of alcohol, Wetherspoons, Ice skating, Noodles (ALL THE TIME), Tackling a fashion project, Naming a mannequin 'Shakira' because her ass was so huge, becoming a walking glow stick & lots and lots of other fabulous memories. I feel so at home and I really wish this course was longer than a year so I could stay! After passing the first part of the course I  go back on the 7th January and can't wait to get back into routine and now start focusing on design! 
Now for the negatives:
1. Failing my driving test twice even though both times were quite funny
2. Being with someone on Valentines day, but feeling alone anyway.
3. Losing faith in relationships, gaining faith in relationships, losing faith in relationships, gaining faith in relationships.
5.Tearful goodbyes
There are only really five negatives of the year which is pretty good if you ask me!
And that's pretty much my year, cut down a lot. This post has taken me about three hours to create, and I'm sorry it's so long, but it's so difficult fitting a whole year into a decent sized blog post. Creating this post has been really fun and I've enjoyed looking back at the year, hopefully 2013 will be just as kind to me as 2012 has been!
Wishing everyone a happy new year.