Guess who's back, back again. Lauren's back, tell a friend.

I'm just going to make a start on a blog post, otherwise I'm pretty certain I won't bother to do one (This has been happening for the past month or so). Not blogging for over a month makes me sad as It's something I really enjoy, even if hardly anyone actually reads it, It's more of a place for me to put things together and a form of self-discovery really. Since my last blog post lots has gone on. I have no idea how I'm going to summarize what has gone on in the past month without rambling on, so expect this to be a bit a post full of rambling.
Most importantly, I'm a month into uni now, and yesterday was the deadline for my first project, I'd love to say that the reason I haven't been blogging is because I've been in uni so much, this is partly the case. But really it's mainly because I'm the laziest person on the planet. Anyway here's a list of things that have happened:

1.Started uni - Received first project on classical architecture, it's fair to say its driven everyone insane. I've met a lovely bunch of people in uni and it's great being surrounded by everything creative, I feel like I've learnt so much from other people already.
2.Mumford & Sons' second album 'Babel' blew me away. It's amazing. (I will soon do a review on it)
3.I'm now going to see Mumford & Sons in December as part of my Christmas present - I am so overly happy, as they're my favorite band in the world.
4.I've joined the smart phone gang (finally) So i can now Instagram, making keeping track of what the hell I've been up to in my weeks a lot easier. I got the Samsung Galaxy Ace.
5.Attended open days - So far I've attended two open days, one in Bath spa and the other in Glamorgan (for the third time). I'll have to start doing UCAS soon which is crazy as I've only just started my foundation year!

Not a crazy amount of stuff has gone on really, September was a reallllyyyy difficult month, and I now know what It's like to struggle money-wise. Uni is so expensive as I don't get any proper funding and I seem to be getting through art materials like pizza slices.
Here's some photos from the past two weeks:

 Bath open day - Doodles on black paper - Charcoal tonal drawings in class - Watched 'Spirited away' For the first time! - Lovely Autumn sunset from the cemetery - Charcoal, Charcoal EVERYWHERE. - Rainbow over Newport City Campus, Rainbows always amaze me - Drinks in the SU Bar celebrating the end of our classical architecture project - After drinks trying to do an art foundation class pyramid - First university pizza party at Nadia's - Second open day at the University of Glamorgan (Atrium) - Starting to make my Tardis dress for Halloween with the help of Katie (The fashion brains)

I'll try and keep posting, now I've done one hopefully it'll keep me going, and I'll try and keep up with my blog. Thanks for everyone for staying following me even though I've been hibernating!