Winter excitement, becoming an art student and neglecting Blogger.

    This week has been crazy, Which is why I've partially neglected Blogger. I started university Monday for induction week, which has included things like meeting my class, going through health and safety, I.T inductions,unhealthy amounts of Mcdonalds, freebies at the Freshers Fayre, and a few drunken nights out which I regretted in the morning.
It's fair to say since I've started uni I've found a new drunken habit - Sleeping on things. This week I've slept on a bench and a pavement, all of which seemed extremely comfortable at the time, maybe I should start a list. Next week it'll be Newport Bridge.
1. Dress - £29.99      2.10 Pack of Rings - £2.99     3.Heart top - £14.99
4.Jumper - £19.99   5.Fleetwood Mac top - £14.99 (Love Fleetwood Mac)    6.Dress - £14.99
    1. Winter is on its way - I love the winter so much, I especially love the Autumn and September as well. September has already been quite a lovely month, There was a crazily low moon in the beginning of September when I was on my way back from Dublin, which looked amazing. And this has been followed by beautiful sunsets and the lovely autumnal colours which make me want to go on a photography adventure. I also can't wait to start wearing my woolies again, that means bobble hats, scarves, mittens, boots, coats. I'll probably be moaning in the winter that I'm sat at my computer and It's freezing cold, or I've been waiting at the bus stop in the snow for about an hour.
2.H&M is amazing - I always love H&M's clothing, but this winter there's so much I want to buy from there, I'm going to have to compromise some of these items until I get a bit of cash, as at the moment it's all going on art supplies which is driving me insane. A definite must buy though is the Fleetwood Mac top as they're one of my favorite bands, in fact the whole family loves them, so I must dig into my pocket and purchase this top.
3. Cluttered desk -
As you can tell by the state of my desk, I'm now an art student, and am drowning in paper cuttings. I had to sacrifice my beloved Company magazines and cut them up for my first Art foundation project which I'll talk about below. This is also my student card, It has a white mark covering my lip for some reason, which makes me look like I have a lip ring, niiiice.
4.First project - We got our first Art foundation project on Tuesday and it was to create a self-portrait in a montage/collage, using materials that relate to what we love to do or want to do in the future. I decided to focus mine around the fact that I love Graphic design, As you know. There's also a few links to patterns, geometry, guitar, travel, typography, photography etc. The back of my head looks terrible, but it was quite fun to do, and I'm really enjoying doing stuff I wouldn't normally do!
We had our first crit on Friday which basically means we stand up in front of the class (100 people!!) and talk about our work, it was terrifying.

I hope everyone's doing well, my next post will probably be a 'What's in your bag tag' as Roza has tagged me in that, I look forward to doing it, thanks for reading guys, Sorry for neglecting you.