What's in my bookmarks?

I love bookmarking websites, and with so many websites like Stumbleupon offering amazing web content, you have to save the pages somewhere. My Firefox bookmarks are HECTIC. But there’s also a lot of cool stuff in there, so I thought I’d write a post about some of the cool sites I’ve come across: 

1. Just-Wink
Just Wink is a card company with a difference. Gone are the days of boring birthday cards smothered in Teddy Bears, Welcome to the world of “Happy another year of existing.” This website is great if like me you appreciate lovely designs, It’s great for inspiration, and it’s also really well put together. They sell this range of cards in Clintons now if you’re wondering where you can buy them! I think people should send more cards, but the ridiculous price of stamps doesn’t help, cards are nice. Oh how I’d love to work for a card company. One day…
Society 6 is amazing for artistic inspiration, And It’s great because you have everything categorised into sub-sections, like t-shirts, device skins, so it’s easy to pick something out. These are the kind of things you’d see pinned onto my Pinterest. This website is also great for discovering new artists/designers, especially if you’re studying an artistic course that requires you to find certain designers to use as inspiration in your project. When I was studying Graphics at college I’d spent hours trying to find a perfect artist, I’d often use Illustrationweb, which is also great for that use!


Not the most attractive looking website, but great content, and a really great idea. Clients from hell is a blog which allows designers to anonymously submit stories about their clients from hell. The posts are really funny, and I often find myself sat at my computer chuckling to myself. Since being on work experience I’ve been reading this website a lot more, because I now understand the pain in the arse clients can be. They usually become a pain in the arse just as you’re halfway through a design, then they realize the dimensions were wrong or something difficult that can only be changed at the start. Anyway, enough of my rambling. They also have a book now, which can be purchased on Amazon!

  I bet you’re thinking “Oh, not another design-related website!” But what did you expect from me? I thought I’d add this website to this post because they offer some freebies! Sneakpeekit offer free downloadable sketch sheets for web design, application design etc. I think it’s a really useful idea, although, I have yet to download them. I’m often just scribbling down web design ideas onto a notebook and losing them, they’re also gridded which makes it easier, with options for adding notes as well!

 I wasn’t sure whether to mention Notonthehighstreet, but I did in the end, because I have a kind of love/hate relationship with this website. I love that it offers unique handmade goods, but what I don’t like is the price. But this is a great creative website. It’s also good for inspiration, but I often find myself scrolling through products thinking “Woah, that’s so overpriced, I could make a fortune if I did that.”  Notonthehighstreet is an independent website that was founded by Sophie Cornish & Holly Tucker, I think it’s great that they’ve got so far. I hope to buy their book ‘Build a business from your kitchen table’ when I have a little bit of money. I’ve had a quick flick through it because someone in work has it, and it seems really great, full of amazing advice!

These are my top five, but here are some other useful & interesting websites from my bookmarks:
Specky boy - Really interesting blog posts and great tutorials.
Oh deer - Beautiful stationary with designs created by a range of artists,Gemma Correll included!They also have a ‘T-shirt club’ where you pay £15 a month and get a T-shirt sent to you every month!
8 Tracks - Allows users to make online mixtapes and share them with the world, It’s a great way of finding new music.
Dribbble - Dribbble is a community for designers where you can post your work and look for freelance jobs, I’ve only recently discovered this website.
PuglyPixel - One of the best blogs I follow, offers lots of tutorials and freebies and well as stunning photographs and blog posts!