Results day fears

Above: I remember when opening my GCSE results back in 2010 seemed like the scariest most life shaping event in the world, now GCSEs pretty much mean next to nothing to me. Except the all important English & Maths (Maths which i still have an E in, oops.)

I use a large amount of this
''Bach's Rescue Rememdy' for anything which I'm
going to be nervous about.
I Don't even know if it works, maybe I'm too
chilled to notice...
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I know I've already done my 'weekly post' thing, but I was feeling this post because I need to vent my fear.
So in ten days It's my second driving test, because I failed the first one back in March, I'm so negative about my driving and I know I'm going to fail and that I'll have to fork out another load of money which I don't have. The day after my driving test it's A Level Results day. And I'm sure every person in the country is feeling apprehensive like me, If not even more apprehensive because the results determine university places. Luckily, I have mine secured for a year of studying Art Foundation, but after that, I'll need my results to some extent. I'm not nervous about the university part, I'm more scared of letting myself down, in case I don't get the grades that I want.

Is what I care about the most, I put so much work into it, So much that I even slacked in my other subjects because I wanted more of my time and effort to go into Graphics. I'm predicted AAC, But I really don't want to go on predicted grades because I know they can change quite a lot, once moderated.

I had a B last year so I really want to have pushed myself further and improved, because I feel like I have improved and learnt a lot along the way. I'd be super happy if i managed to achieve an A, but my mind is telling me I haven't.

Some how I'm predicted an A in photography, which is definitely not going to happen, because I put hardly any work into photography. It was my 'back up subject' and it was so uninspiring that it made me hate having to turn up to photography in college. I had a C last year. I'd like a B. But I'd be ecstatic and a little bit confused if I did get the A I'm predicted.

Media: - It's one of those subjects I really really want to be good at, and I try. But it's just so much to get your head around, and my writing skills let me down in exams. I did a re-sit in January to try and get higher than a D and ended up doing worse i think? I felt the exam went well this year, but with media you can never really tell how the exams go, It's a strange subject. I'm aiming for a C in media.

Oh well, We'll see when the time comes. Good Luck to everyone receiving any form of results this month!