What do I want? The pros and cons...

As you may be able to tell by this post, I watched 'The Women' the other night. I've always found it a particularly inspiring film, especially the above part where she picks up her life and decides what she wants out of it by pinning everything on a board. The above quote (From a character played by Bette Midler) is what pushes her to make plans and create the 'What do I want' board.
I wouldn't fully agree with the 'Don't give a shit about
anybody, Be selfish.' part, but I think the quote makes a point.
I think too many people disregard their dreams because of other people, and sometimes you just have to put yourself first, after all, it is your life.
It made me think about what I want to achieve and what I'll need to do to achieve it,And even though It's early days I want to know what my future needs to consist of, So I put pen to paper last night to try and make it clear to myself what I want in a career:

   I've been thinking a lot about freelance design and what it entails after yesterday in work we were having a chat about it. There's a lot I didn't realize, like the extent of accounting and the confusing aspect of expenses, but my dad soon cleared that up with a business lesson on business accounts!
 I've been thinking about the pros and cons, because this is what I tend to do when I'm apprehensive about something. Sad, i know.
The pros of becoming a freelance designer:
1.Numerous jobs which equals variety, which is what I most need in order to keep me enthusiastic (I'm a Gemini) As I would choose how much work I take on I could maybe do something else on the side, Like photography.

2.I choose the hours i work - I could work on designs when I know I'll be most inspired, which is usually late at night or early in the morning.

3.Choice of more creative projects - If there's one thing I've learnt doing work experience as a designer, It's that some projects are boring. You also have to do things you're not very good at, like yesterday I had to tackle logo design - which I'm really bad at. This can be a good thing as well, But I've noticed that a lot of freelance designers have their own style and can actually use it.

4.Working at home or in your own studio - I really really love the idea of having my own little studio, mainly after seeing numerous pictures of Kate Moross' colourful graphic design den. I like the idea of being able to make a place my own, and do what I want.

5.Choose clients - Another thing I've learned on work experience is that some clients can annoy the hell out of you. The type of clients that ask you to design something, and then totally disregard your opinion because they want it like they want it, even if that does look terrible.


The cons of becoming a freelance designer:

1. You have to communicate a lot with clients - I'm not the best communicator, you only have to ask my friends and they'll tell you this. I know the person I work with can hardly ever put down her phone, because there's always something work-related being e-mailed, or clients phoning her 24/7. It worries me that this would interrupt my everyday life and I'd be a workaholic.

2.The money - I know there can sometimes be a delay with being paid, because sometimes I think designers are taken advantage of. I bet clients think that because you're a freelance designer you work for free. My other worry is that there's not going to be a steady income.

3.Working from home - Although this was a pro, it's also a con, because there are distractions. This is why I think having a studio or workplace would be necessary, because there are too many distractions at home!

4.Accounting - I'm the most un-mathematical person ever, I have no knowledge of accounting, And I've grown up watching my dad do his accounts and always thought how terrible it looked. There's also the problem of expenses, having to be able to afford to pay for things you need , and then waiting to get some of the money reimbursed.

I also did a brainstorm of things I'd need to achieve this and things I want out of it. I think the pros outweigh the cons, So It's probably something I'll try in the future. I'm such a weird person brainstorming my future when I'm only 18, but I'm just the kind of person that likes to know where I'm heading in life, and I really really want to achieve it.
I had a flick through 'Build your own business from your kitchen table.' from Not on the high street and it was really helpful, and is definitely next on my 'books to buy' list!

But if anyone that comes across this post is a freelance designer, or knows anything about the subject please drop me a comment or e-mail me at Lauren.goodland@live.co.uk :)