DIY Chalkboard

   Please excuse the bad photos, When I finished doing this the light was fading in my bedroom, I'll replace them tomorrow or something. Today I finally decided to take the plunge and spray paint my wardrobe door and turn it into a chalkboard. I was going to turn one of my bedroom walls into a chalkboard, but am glad i practiced on the door first!
I found out after getting black chalkboard paint everywhere that the spray can wasn't the neatest way, even though I had pre-masked the square I wanted to spray, The surface area the can covered was very large, so I ended up finding out that and ended up spraying some other parts of my bedroom haha! So I reached for a Big Issue (As you can see, Plan B's face) The Big Issue seemed like a valid magazine to use as a paint defense, they're full of adverts!
I have a pot of Chalkboard paint which I got for about £3 from Wilkinsons, But when I used it last it was hard not to get brush strokes, and then I came across this spray can version in The Works for £1.99, which is a total bargain. I was really pleased with the coverage it gave, It only took one coat, whereas the one from Wilkinsons was chipping off when I tried to write on it, even after two coats!
I waited about half an hour to an hour for the paint to fully dry, I had all the windows open in my room because the spray paint absolutely stinks, If you're going to use spray paint chalkboard paint, WEAR A MASK of some kind, because it is very very strong. I of course, didn't wear a mask, as I managed to just about do everything wrong, Including making it slanted! I'm really bad at drawing straight lines!
To make it look a bit more appealing and less slanted I found some lace effect stickers that I think my mum picked up for me from Poundland, they're really pretty considering they're from Poundland, and came in useful in this instance! I think they finish it off nicely.
 Once again, sorry for the awful pictures.
1.Wear a mask or set up some kind of fan in the room you're doing this in,to ensure ventilation. If possible do it outside, if you're spraying onto something that's not a permanent fixture in your room.

2.Cover every area nearby where you're going to spray this stuff, It gets everywhere! And if you have a window open the wind will effect the direction of the paint even more so It's good to cover everything (even though i didn't)

3.Mask the area you want to paint with a wide masking tape. However, I did use insulation tape which is used by electricians i think? It's a PVC material, and it's not very sticky, but being plastic it creates a much better mask than the papery masking tape, which i find tends to bleed.

4.Use a spirit level to make sure everything is straight so you don't end up with my problem.

5.Maybe buy a chalk marker, I'm going to buy one when I can as drawing and writing with chalk isn't the easiest and I'm sure a chalk marker will work better on a DIY chalkboard and will make it more durable.