Yes,I'm still alive.

Just a post to say Hello to my phenomenal amount of followers (7) haha, To say that I am still alive, I've just updated my Blogger layout and what not so it looks pretty (hopefully) and I hope to be blogging daily over the summer, even though this probably won't happen and I'll slack.

Lots has happened since i last posted, I've purchased yet another pair of Converse, this time I'm actually in love with them, and you're lucky if you actually see me in another pair of shoes, they have all of my favorite colour combinations on :3

I've started work experience since last Wednesday, In a company called A10 strategic media, I'm doing their design based work for them and It's seriously great! My old media/form teacher sorted it out for me as she now works there, And in the last week I've been there we've been for drinks in a snazzy bar twice, and to Nandos once, all paid for. I must say, I never thought I'd be getting tipsy with my old teacher. This is a picture of something i was doing today because I had a bit of spare time, so I thought I'd look at some HTML tutorials, and it actually helped! I UNDERSTAND HTML AND CSS, a tiny bit.

Well yeah, you know I posted this 'Who are you?' Image saying I was entering a competition to get my work supersized onto billboards across the UK? and I said how i wouldn't win blah blah blah, WELL I WON :')
There were ten winners and the billboards were shared between us all, I ended up with six because one of them fell down in Bournemouth due to bad weather (ended up taking a part of it home, it's under my bed) So I attended an exhibition and have had newspaper articles and what not written which has been really strange. But its opened up so many doors for me.
Finished college - This is me at my end of year show in college with my Glastonbury themed display and my final piece, I've totally finished college and I'm really sad! It was great to get all the projects out of the way, and I was really pleased with them all, for every subject really, but I really miss college, the people in it, and even my teachers, Time has gone so fast and I wish i could do it all again :(

I turned 18th on the 9th June, This photo isn't from my birthday, but It's the one where we all look the drunkest and It's funny because I have a 'claw'. Being 18 has so many benefits, The one I'm noticing at the moment though is I'm spending wayyyyy too much money going out and on alcohol.

Lots has gone on, I feel like 2012 has been a truly great year with so many opportunities for me, I start university in September to study Art foundation and I seriously cannot wait, I think I'm going to learn so much and it'll really help me to be the best I can be. As for the work experience thing, they've mentioned that there could be paid design work for me whilst I'm in uni if i want to do it which is great! I've recently joined Pinterest (and fallen in love with it) So you can now follow me on there, It's where I keep all the things that inspire me, I've also recently made a Facebook page for my design and arty things, It can also be found in the sidebar