Two fabulous examples of quirky wedding photography

Wedding photography has recently seen a huge,refreshing change, No disrespects to traditional styles of wedding photography, but there’s just something that I love about the new style out there, It’s quirky and much more natural looking.
Traditional wedding photography is still very important, I’m no wedding photographer but I’m guessing at almost every wedding the ‘Arranged group shots’ are vital in order for the Bride & Groom to have memories of everyone that attended. With traditional wedding photography however, I do feel that a lot of the small little details are missed out, And these days so much time, effort and money goes into making the venue look perfect, This is what I particularly like about the new style of wedding photography.
I’ve come across some beautiful examples on the internet lately, a lot of them are local to me, so I thought it would be good idea to share them on this blog, It’s something I’d be interested in doing In the future, maybe as something on the side or as a back up in case I don’t get anywhere with graphic design. Here are a few of the great examples I have come across:

Eleanor Jane Photography