Glitz and Glam!

So tonight I was 'Photographer' for a group of friends from my old high school, I was basically one of the few that left school after GCSEs and went to college, And my friend (Brandon) asked me could I go there and take some photos with my 'snazzy camera'
It was really lovely seeing everyone from school, Even a bit sad because I wasn't celebrating with them, but I'm still glad I left school, otherwise lots of things in my life wouldnt've happened like they have :)
Anyway, here are some of my favourite shots, some edited, some unedited. It was really fun! And doing stuff like this actually makes me think even more about starting up wedding/event photography in the future, with a bit of training maybe, I really like all the quirky wedding photography at the moment, And much prefer it to the traditional staged photographs that everyone associates with weddings, Maybe tomorrow I'll do a blog post on some quirky wedding photographers that I'm really liking at the moment!
Here they are:
Georgia's lovely sparkly dress!
Hannah & Brandon, I love this photo, especially in black and white!

The girl's shoes, couldn't resist a 'shoe shot' with all the different colours

Brandon's bow-tie

Gareth's HUGE quiff, Tonnes of hairspray used...

Couldn't resist snapping a photo of Gareth's highly photogenic dog, Monty.
Me and my fabulous group of close friends, whom without I couldnt've got through everything. Love them to bits!
Georgia having a cheeky glass of wine.
This one's my favourite out of all the shots, Chloe (my best friend) and Brandon (one of my other closest friends)
I just love how natural it looks, I love natural photos!