Today in photos

I watched The Woman In Black yesterday after reading the book a couple of months ago, I watched it late at night, Alone in my room, with only a duvet and fairylights to protect me, It started off okay, and then it got to the point where i had my hand over my eyes and was squinting, It's very jumpy! Had I been watching it with someone else I wouldnt've cared but not on my own! For a 12a it's very graphic in places, and shocking for the rating. I didn't think the storyline was that amazing, It's quite a cheap production really.
I've decided I'm booking in a 'mop chop' for this week hopefully, I'm hoping she'll be able to fit me in for Thursday/Friday, I'm having my hair dyed for the first time, I want blonde put through the ends and through my hair, not quite dip dyed, Ombre hair in a way, But she's not using bleach, She's going to do a 'highlift tint' I basically want the ends lighter than my hair colour at the moment, but i want it to blend in with my natural hair colour :-)
I was thinking today and staring at my Hungry caterpillar bookmark perched on my shelf, thinking 'I need to start reading again' I borrowed 'I am number four' off my sisters boyfriend about 5 months ago, and haven't even attempted to start reading it, As for The girl with the dragon tattoo, I started reading about 10 pages of it on holiday and never finished it. I have to be in the mood! I need the next Malorie Blackman book too :-)
After such a traumatizing night last night watching The Woman in black I've decided that I'm gonna go for a nostalgic chilled approach and play this game that I bought in this awesome shop in Cardiff a few months ago. I haven't played it yet (Well not since I was like 5) And hunted all over Cardiff for it, Managed to pick it up for £2.99 in this nerdy gaming shop, It was so embarrassing buying it, but It's such a classic game haha!
So, I saw posted on Print & Pattern's blog that there is a competition running over the summer Click here, It's an artistic competition which gives a new theme every day, You basically create a 500x500 piece of artwork (In black and white I think) Which explains the above image. Today's theme was Space, so i started listening to Elton John's - Rocketman, and came up with this. I don't even know where it came from to be honest, It makes no sense, But it's always good to get doing some fun graphics related stuff again, it keeps me motivated! I don't intend to win, but the competition will give me a good chance to practice my skills and create fun things :-) You should give it a go!

I can't work in Black and white, Because my work is just generally too colourful, so I couldn't resit adding some colour to it. Thank you Elton John for inspiring me!

Even though this post is called 'Today in PHOTOS' I'm going to post a video because there's this song on a Radio 1 advert on BBC1 advertising the Hackney weekend and its been bugging me for about two weeks what the hell the song was! It's a drum n bass style track, and the singer sounds a bit like Alex Clare, So i scoured the internet for BBC adverts, found nothing, rang up my best friend Chloe, Hummed the tune down the phone to her, SHE KNEW IT! But she didn't know who sang it or the lyrics, or the name of it. EVENTUALLY I found it by going onto BBC iPlayer and replaying Eastenders and waiting for the advert to come on after it, Turns out it's this song:
Added this video as oppose to the official one, because the dance moves this guy has are insane!