This week

This week has gone insanely slow and has been crazily busy, busy for me anyway, as I hate being overly busy, it stresses me out.

I missed work experience on Monday because I had booked to go with my friend to a Photoshop for beginner's taster course that was on in my college, It ran for 2 and a half days. I told my graphics teachers that I was doing a beginner Photoshop course and their initial reaction was "Wtf.WHY?!", But I feel like college missed out a lot of basic things on Photoshop, basic and really useful things, the things that if I had known could've saved me so much time in A level graphics. So I went and it was really really useful, and a bit tedious at times, because you'd just be sat there wanting to just do something, but instead had to sit there obediently and listen. The best thing that has come out of this course has been that I now LIKE the pen tool, before I hated it, and didn't understand it, now it's like my savior.

Tuesday: Tuesday was the shittest day in all the existence of shitty days, Rain always makes everything 10x worse. It was the second day of the taster course and everything was fine until it was time for lunch. Walked to Tony's pizza in the rain (you haven't lived until you try Tony's pizza) to find it was actually closed, then on the way back a bus drove past us, we were stood on the pavement, AND IT SOAKED US. I was closest to the road so ended up with my jeans soaked, my coat soaked, my bag, dripping wet. MY BAG. My material Cath Kidston bag which is useless when dealing with flying puddles of rain, My bag which held my much loved iPod touch in the front pocket. You may see where this is leading...

My dad took it apart last night to try and dry it out more, but it won't turn on at all :( I think it's pretty much broken forever :'( I MISS MY IPOD SO MUCH. Also on Tuesday I went for a drive in my mums car as I now have insurance again on her car, Nearly ran over a rabbit and got signaled to stop by a strange hitch hiker woman!

Wednesday: I went to work, finished at 5 and was aiming to be out by 7, didn't get home until 6 and had about twenty minutes to get ready to go out, but I managed to do it, somehow haha!
In the night me and my friends went to town again, Let's just say, I regret a lot of things.
This photo would be quite nice, if i wasn't mid-smile which makes me look possessed or something, I have yet to have a photo taken in Meze/Delilahs where I don't look like a demon.
But anyway, It was a really good night and we didn't get in until 5am! When my mum asked what time we got home i was like "ummmmm, ummm, 5am *run away*"

Thursday: Thursday was mainly spent in my pajamas, watching Jeremy Kyle at Chloe's and recovering from Wednesday night, Despite not going to sleep until probably half 5 i woke up at 7am! Mainly to run to the toilet and vomit.

Today I haven't done anything pretty much. But I did try and learn 'Sigh no more' by Mumford and sons on the guitar which was successful up until the strumming
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Not an overly exciting week, but busy and mainly full of bad luck!