These are a few of my favourite things - Day #3

This may seem stupid, but my bed is one of my favourite things, it always makes me feel better haha. Whether I'm feeling upset, I just give in and go to sleep, if I'm feeling cold I head up to my cosy bed, put my fairy lights on and watch a film. And there's no better feeling than drunkenly stumbling to your bed after a night out, and collapsing on it. Seriously, Imagine life without a bed?!
So, my bed makes it onto my list of favourite things...

Yes, I'm 18 and still have soft toys ahha, I guess It's because I've grown up with them and when I was little I used to cuddle five soft toys all at the same time when I went to sleep, and I'd have to treat them all the same or I'd feel guilty (funny really) These two live on my bed, My little finding nemo which I had wanted for ages and had for Christmas, and 'Minnen ratta' My ikea rat :')