These are a few of my favourite things - Day #1

Decided to do this to give me something to post daily that isn't about how my day has been.

My instruments:

Now, I wouldn't regard myself a terribly musical person, But It's something I enjoy on the side of doing arty things, Not that I'm incredibly good at it. But I feel like I'm improving ever so slightly on guitar since Christmas :')

1.My electric guitar which I have recently been reunited with, The string needed replacing and I couldn't be bothered to do it. I always get electric shocks off the strings though which does my head in
2.My uke, which I don't actually play that much, usually when It's sunny. I've actually taken it to college before so I could play it at lunch time in the park, Getting it in my bag was the most difficult thing ever.
3.My acoustic guitar is my ultimate baby, It's such a bad influence to me because It stops me doing anything productive, I see it in the corner of my room and think "Yes, Come to me."
4.My piano, Which my parents ever so kindly bought even though I asked them not to, They heard me playing 'Mouthwash' by Kate Nash on a cheapy keyboard and ended up buying this haha. I need to play it more.
Here you can view some of my awful covers (minus singing because I'm tone deaf)