Stationary excitement & Badminton

I broke my daily blogging routine, it's shameful and it was going so well! So here's today's post! I didn't do anything terribly special, BUT I did participate in SPORT,yes,sport. I went and played Badminton with my friend and looked like a complete fool in my gym wear, because I never exercise. I  actually thought I was going to die. And at one point was playing badminton with a mouthful of Maltesers
I popped into Wilkinson's today and as I'm a nerdy graphic design person i saw signs for a new stationary section and followed them briskly, ignoring my mums wishes to visit the gardening section. I was then amazed by the beautifully printed stationary which comes in about 6 different designs, These are the two i decided to buy, after pondering at the shelf. The one on the left is a sweet range which is adorable! And they do pens,folders etc, and the one on the right, the camera print which I thought would be great for when I start art foundation and do photography :-) It's very similar to Paperchase, but cheaper! These were 80p each
I also bought these bookmarks from there, and The Hunger Games from Asda which was in a 3 for £10, My mum bought the other two (Fifty shades of Grey, which i was appalled at) I think the bookmarks were like 80p?

This is the plastic covered notebook I also bought, It very much reminds me of one in Paperchase! It was under £3

What i really liked is that they had little write ups about the people that had designed each range.
The other ranges were ones made from Cardboard with keys on, which was lovely, They had to do lists and stuff. The other one was a geometric patterned one with some lovely chevron printed notebooks which i contemplated, can't remember the others! They also had jelly baby sticky notes!!