Pinterest ramblings

So, a few months ago I discovered Pinterest, and have been madly in love with the idea of it since. Its now been added to my list of 'daily websites' which is slowly growing (quite badly). I can now 'Stumbleupon' something and then Pin it, which is great!
Hopefully Pinterest can take over from Weheartit, that website where you saw endless pieces of beautiful design work/photography and never knew who the hell had created it! (My pet hate) The great thing about Pinterest is that people do credit the images, and its easy to do so.
Pinterest is a great resource, By clicking on an image you find out who created it, Or it links you to a tutorial on how to make something, It's also extremely good if you're stuck in an un-motivationed rut.It's great for when I need to tidy my bedroom and have no motivation to do so. I used to browse the Ikea website and look at the pretty pictures of the rooms they had designed, But now I just have an 'interior design' board which contains pictures of amazingly creative TIDY bedrooms and areas of the house :')
I know lots of companies are now jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, so I'm sure it'll soon be up there with Facebook and Twitter!
 These are all my boards which range from wishlists to interior design. You can tell by the colourful look of my boards that I am crazy for colour haha :') I use Pinterest to remind me of my favourite artists/designers. It's a great place to put things if you think you'll forget them!

I also have a real Pin board (which ironically I can't actually pin things to) in my bedroom, I bought a black rococo frame and took the glass out, covered the cardboard with cork and then covered the cork in fabric that I bought from Hobbycraft, I found out after that the cork was too thin, So I have to tape everything to this which is a pain in the arse! It's coming together, You can see the little EDF energy blob in the corner poking its head out :3 But if I pinned up everything I pin on Pinterest, I'd need hundreds of cork boards!

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I haven't got up to much today really so I thought I'd aim at doing this post, but I did try, and fail at making a ring out of wire (Which coincidentally was a tutorial I saw on Pinterest) I ended up giving up as it was so difficult to actually bend the wire into a decent looking shape! I'll try it again when I'm in a more patient mood!