Pretty concrete in Bristol

Today me, my sister and my mum and dad went to Bristol on a little 'family day out'
Little did we realize it was the day there were protests on, and Bristol was crawling with police.
This one was amazing! It's pretty much next to the huge one on the side of the building of the man pouring a tin of paint, Never noticed it before, don't know how i didn't!
   These were on the side of a building, and had been done (I guess) by putting a stencil onto the weathered surface and cleaning the place where the stencil is? Very difficult to remove! Love it.

  These are the work of Mysterious Al Website here What i love about this area is that things blend in, and somehow i missed these huge great big green Frankensteins, Everything just keeps appearing and you're like "What the hell, where did that come from?"
   Amy Winehouse tribute.
    First of all i just thought this was an aztec square, but then I saw the Whale, and was like "Wow It's a whale! "
   The work of Nathan Bowen, who you may remember appeared on an episode of this years Apprentice, as one of the graffiti artists. I follow his work on Facebook so it was great to stumble across this! Website here
   Welcome to Bristol
    As well as a doing a bit of graffiti hunting I couldn't resist going on a shopping spree as I love Bristol for shopping! Got these cute cat print pajamas from Primark for £8 and I love them! Perfect for a cat person like me :3
I got this dress, It’s a bit of a confusing story, First of all i bought one like this, just plain black, no lace, no belt, from H&M, it was in the sale from £20-£15, so I bought it, went into Primark and saw this almost identical dress for the same price, but with way more detail. It has a lace front and back at the top and a brown bow belt, so I took the other one back like a few hours later. Gonna wear this out on Wednesday and if i pull the front up a bit i can pretty much make it into a dipped hem which is gooood. I've been panicking trying to find something to wear to go out Wednesday for a while now after realizing that the dress I wanted to wear may make it onto the 'short slut scale' even though it's not terribly short.

I had a lovely day, I feel Bristol suits me so well, It's such an artistic city and i love that. Would love to live there one day! Sorry for the photo spam in this post but I took so many of the graffiti that it was hard to pick a small amount!