Oh i do love to be beside the sea

So on Saturday me and my family went to Weston-super-mare because the weather was nice. I'm really happy with all the pictures I took, and these are just a few of them :)
I love the British seaside resorts, they're so classic looking, and I can never resist taking a shot of the timeless striped deckchairs, I do however get really annoyed at seagulls when I go to the seaside, THEY'RE SO RUDE haha!
The last time we went to Weston when we got back I had sun stroke and was pretty much bed-ridden for a day, I've actually never felt so ill in my life.
Yesterday there was a Beatles exhibition/record thingy on in Weston and I didn't hesitate to go in as I love The Beatles, I came across a lovely poster (Which I didn't realize was actually for promotional purposes) My mum asked could I buy it, and managed to haggle it down to £4 for me, I've always loved the yellow submarine artwork so now I have to find a place for it on my bedroom wall.

I have work now Monday-Wednesday, then I'm having my hair dyed for the first time ever on Thursday! Then hopefully the lovely weather will continue so I can do something with my friends