Cupcakes,Cookie crumble & Bus drivers

Today has been a really enjoyable day, Well at least it was until some knob of a bus driver decided I couldn't use my bus pass anymore as college is over, even though they let me on the same bus this morning! I had no money so was going to get off the bus and somehow get home but then this man paid for me which was really sweet and put my faith back into humanity! I hate taking any money off people though, so I felt really bad. Work was enjoyable today, Started off making a postcard for a charity, to go along side their website design that I did yesterday, then was asked by Rose could I do a private job which involved creating a piece of artwork to go in a frame for her friends wedding, it was really fun to create and you'll see it below! Then I had to help order cupcakes for Gemini's birthday (a client) and they came to about £40 i think in the end, which is a total rip off for 8 cupcakes saying 'happy birthday'!
Here's my day in photos...
    Had a Mocha Cookie Crumble from Starbucks for the first time, My God, it was like heaven in a cup!
    I love how Starbucks gives away free iTunes songs every week, Last week was Maroon 5 which was great :-) This week it's Rumer!
The website we ordered the cupcakes off was extremely well put together, It's called 'Hummingbird bakery' and is located in London, But my oh my, It was expensive!
    Cupcake equations, In work it took us about two hours to decide which cupcakes to buy for (Gemini, shown below)
    When I had my first day of work experience a few weeks ago the first thing I did was create this banner for Gemini search for their birthday, This was the one they chose out of the three, and It's now live on their Facebook as it's their first year as a company tomorrow! It's very exciting seeing my work actually serving a purpose, Even if it is quite a boring piece of work in comparison to my normal style. Work experience has taught me a lot, about dealing with clients and how to make them happy. You sometimes have to give into your inner designer and make certain colours clash, because 'The client is always right!'
    This is the front of the postcard I created today for Rowan Romania a charity that our company help at the moment, Quite basic, but postcards are basic. The one below is the back of the postcard with information about the organization.

  This was the funnest part of my day, This is the piece of typographic 'artwork' I created for Rose as she has a wedding coming up and wanted something like this to put in a frame she had bought, You can see my favourite colour combination of blue and pink popping up! It was super fun and I'm pleased with the result!
Today has been a really enjoyable day, Well at least it was until some knob of a bus driver decided I couldn't