Favourite musician of the week

Ben Howard's music is the definition of beautiful. And I've been literally obsessed with his album 'Every Kingdom' for a while now, So it was only fair I mention him. I watched all of the festivals on TV an he appeared at lots of them, they've all kind of merged into one, But I'm sure he was at BBC's Hackney weekend and also T in the Park. Me and my dad replayed his set at T in the Park about three times, Ben Howard puts so much into each performance, and we were captivated by one song in particular 'The wolves' (Which has the catchiest little woo's in it, so beware)

His songs are very raw, and he has a very unique guitar style, using various tunings and placing the capo at unusual places on the fret. I was really disappointed a few months ago when his gig in Cardiff sold out, as he's playing here soon, I wish I could be going.

I tried to learn 'Keep your head up' on my guitar last week, and got as far as the chorus and was amazed by the difficulty of it, hopefully one day I'll get it, but for now I'm going to steer clear!

Anyway, If you don't know Ben Howard, give him a listen, It's hard to pick his best songs because they're all beautiful in their own different way, but these are my favourites:

Keep your head up:
The Wolves (Catchy woos): Gracious (Which I love because it reminds me of my friend that passed away):