Blue Skies

Hello guys! Whilst writing this post I am currently being attacked by a group of bugs that are enjoying the light of my computer monitor.
I've had a really lovely week this week, Work has been fab and the sunshine has really put me in a good mood. Last night I had my first ever Wagamamas, we went out on a works night out to Cardiff Bay, I ended up drinking way too much even though I said I would only have one (Happens too often) So I ate Wagamamas on a stomach of a pint of cider and black, a pint of Strongbow, a 'Peach cosmos' cocktail, which was really really strong, I've never had it before and have no idea what was in it, but all i could taste all night was peach, And to finish a vodka and coke.
It was the 'merriest' meal I've ever had, the work gang ended up signing this place mat for me as a celebration of my first ever Wagamamas!
Today I was supposed to be getting my hair cut and dyed (for the first time) but my hairdresser cancelled as she was ill, so I was a little disappointed :( It's now next Thursday. In the end me and my mum decided to go for a picnic, here are some pictures from the day:

Top to bottom:
1.We had our picnic at Tredegar house , It's the one part of Newport I feel quite proud of, It's a lovely old house in beautiful surroundings and is an important part of Newport. I always remember going there for Christmas year after year with my family :-)
2.The shorts are on! Which means the weather is hot, I'm pretty sure today it reached about 32 at one point in the car, which is totally crazy. I'm sad that the weather's supposed to be changing though.
3.This was me and my mum's picnic, until we ate it all. I've eaten 2 and a half blueberry muffins today, I am a beast. We did go a bit overboard buying stuff to eat.
4. Me posing in the car mirror
5.You can see the lighthouse in the distance. The bokeh I added to this photo was 'tree bokeh' which i snapped in Tredegar house on our picnic, Tree bokeh is the best type of bokeh :-)
6.We went to Newport Wetlands after the picnic because I wanted to see what it was like and also take some pictures, It was a bad idea, The routes to the sea are very long and you have to walk at least 20 minutes to see anything, it didn't help that we didn't have much with us to drink and had no sun cream on, the hottest time of the day as well. Nice one Lauren.
My summer song of the day is definitely going to be:
The Naked & The Famous - Punching in a dream

they're perfect for summer.