Anti-social love hearts

Hello! Today I've been thinking a lot and have decided that I want to give jewellery making a bit of a go, I'm fed up of seeing crazily over priced jewellery on the internet,and would just love to be able to say I made it myself. I really want to create Lovehearts jewellery which is why the theme of this post today is love hearts. I created the above image today using my graphics tablet,Illustrator and Photoshop! I call them anti-social love hearts
My mum gave me some Fimo clay that she had from when she used to make things for the dolls house, She used to be into making dollshouses haha! They suspiciously look like drug packages! My plan is that I need to make a mould of a love heart, I want to be able to put my own text on the love heart, and then I'll bake the clay in the mould and then chuck them onto pieces of jewellery
So i love my newest pair of converse, The colour scheme is literally my favourite thing ever, So i decided to create Photoshop swatches that matched best to the colours used on them. They're very similar colours, they may look different on your computer, The converse can be seen here
The colour codes are: lilac- #b583c7 lemon- #f4ee73 blue- #6cdbd6 ruby- #be0641 pink- #feb1c1