Appreciating darkroom photography

floral love.
Taken on a 35mm film camera, then added the texture in Photoshop, the rip and scratches were already on it
So I basically really miss the traditional side of Photography, it made studying it so interesting and fun. I managed to get a year of working in the Darkroom in my first year of Photography last year, then when we had got back in September 2011 the college had turned the darkroom into ANOTHER Mac suite, which made me angry. Considering the college already has well over 100 iMacs on the campus...

What i really love about darkroom photography is not knowing what's going to happen, the outcome is in your hands. I love how much effort goes into it, it's not just a click of a button, it's a click of a button,development of the film, and then getting the image onto photographic paper and developing that. It's much more personal.

I could however, understand how frustrating darkroom photography would be if it were your only option, and thank God we have digital photography, because we did have some frustrating moments where we lost a lot of images - due to the development process going wrong. It's also very expensive these days, I have a polaroid camera which cost me £2, but i can't afford to use it because the Polaroid film is £18 for 8 exposures!
I still have almost a full box of ilford glossy paper though, which cost me £18!  [hopefully no one has opened the box and exposed it to light e.g - MY MUM]. So I'm hoping i can use that in university.

I'm SO excited to go to uni in September and get back into the darkroom side of photography, That's if i get into Caerleon [fingers crossed]

i found some of the stuff we did in the darkroom on my Flickr the other day, i seriously didn't realize it was on there, and it made me miss it even more [hense this post]
Sadly, Our class did less darkroom work than the other class, we didn't get to do as much which was really disappointing, as the other class messed around with some double exposure style images.

photogram 2
Photogram 1

photogram 1
Photogram 2
Me and my dad are in the process of making our own pinhole camera, we're gonna turn my bedroom into a temporary darkroom haha