Who doesn't love a good book?

I’d reccommend both of these books to anyone interested in Graphic Design/illustration as they’re amazing.
I bought the top one today from the works for £3.99 - i need to stop going in there and buying books from the art section!
It’s got screenshots of great web design in it, not boring web design like you’d imagine, creative, illustrated web design, it also has references to a lot of great creative blogs on the pages of the websites it features [which is the most useful thing about the book]
i also bought my mum a downton abbey calendar because i’m a fab daughter.

The second one i’ve currently loaned from my college library, but i’ve been wanting to buy it for ages so i thought i’d see what it was like before i bought it.
And it’s absoloutely amazing, the work in there has been selected so well and it’s all really great.
The cover artwork is by the artist i researched for my current graphics project [Raphael Vicenzi] and there are pages which feature other artists i’ve researched like Silke Werzinger and Sarah Beetson.

If you’re looking for inspiration i’d recommend it