Photography Portfolio - check

I decided to put together a little A5 Photo display book which is my photography portfolio for my Art Foundation interviews, i could've put them in a normal a2 display portfolio, but wanted to stand out and thought that a2 would be too big for them.
So i chose this little book from Paperchase,It has taken a lot of planning and preparation but i think it's worth it in the end!
I will also have a proper A2 Portfolio which will have my Graphic Design pieces in and evaluations of them, and also an art journal which i have been posting on here. There are 13 Images all together and each image has a small evaluation on the next page to go with it.
It's all coming together now!
Because i'm doing something different, it's either going to go really well, or really bad. fingers crossed.

The front cover

One of the pages with black and white image

Another page

Another page

Close up of cover