Busy, busy, busy

01: My first life drawing lesson - I had my first ever life drawing lesson on Monday, and was pretty reluctant about going, because i was the only new person joining and knew nobody. But it was actually fine, and was a really eye-opening experience. It made me think a lot more about what we see everyday, we focussed on hands this lesson [which i was dreading] because hands seem the hardest thing to me. I had difficulty drawing the models hands because he was quite far away, so i drew my own, they're not great drawings, but i'm an awful drawer so i'm quite proud of them :3

02:Media exam - Today [Wednesday] i had my A2 media exam, i only revised the night before, which is what i always do because i find it's fresh in my mind then. Quite pleased with the way it went to be honest, managed to name drop a lot and mentionned key events that are happening now like Sopa, Pipa and Richard O'Dwyer who has been extradited to America. The videos we had to analyze were both adverts, Dj Hero and Kinect 360. Not bad, hopefully i'll pass so i don't have to go to media ever again and don't have to sit the exam in the summer, would be lovely to have no summer exams!

03: Ben and Jerry's to get me through the busy times - What's revision and Graphics work without Ben & Jerry's? I have my final deadline for my Graphic Design project on monday, so i'm trying to get it all finished and have finally finished my final pieces [will upload after this]. I'm going to try and add things that can boost up my grade, maybe a book review to impress ;)
I can't wait to finish this project as its been going on since September, and it's tedious now. I've enjoyed it though, and my work has improved greatly.

04: Interview Task for Caerleon - I have an interview in the uni i hope to go to on Feb 8th and there are two interview tasks, the first is to create a 10cm crop of an area of my face, it has to be pencil drawing. I freaked out, and this is why i'm going to life drawing now, another reason is because i got rejected in the first interview for UWIC last week because i had no observational drawings, but i have a second interview which i need to arrange, they asked me to come back so that's a plus.
The second interview task is to write an 100 word script detailing a conversation with a friend about how the world will be different in 10 years time; i'm having trouble with this, and think it's pretty random. I'm trying to think of a quirky idea, maybe using robot dialect, who knows.

All in all, a pretty busy week.
Oh and forgot to mention, i had a conditional offer from Glamorgan to study art foundation after i went to the interview last wednesday, They loved my work and said it was very "mature." for the course i am currently studying. So that made me happy :3
I'd make such a useless professional blogger, i miss so many days out. I don't know how people manage to blog every day