Last Year's resolutions revisited

so, i found my new years resolutions from last year on tumblr,
let’s see what i completed:
-grow my hair - resist the temptation of having it cut because it’s thick and has split ends
resisted going without it cut for like 7 months and it wasn’t actually THAT bad! :D

-stop pushing people away because i’m scared of commitment ,and have more time for a relationship. cringe at this, but yeah, i suppose in a way i have completed this.

-do shit loads of work for college, especially graphics & photography. my sketchbooks are so much better this year, but i just need to get motivated to finish them now for the deadlines in January.

-make sure my graphics sketchbook is overflowing with colour and sexy things. i’ve made it look as nice as possible :-)

-do some work experience - i’ve tried to get work experience, but it’s difficult. I’m kind of in the process of trying still :’)

-get a job got a job, quit the job. learnt lots about myself from the job and also earned a bit of £££

-learn guitar i wouldn’t say i’m exactly Carlos Santana or anything, but i’ve learnt a great deal of songs on guitar this year, and i understand chords now! Except the F chord. I can actually remember lots of chords, where as when i first got my guitar on the 28th December i didn’t have a clue. I’m quite proud of myself for sticking at this, when i got the guitar my dad thought it was just another phase and didn’t think i’d pick it up, i definitely showed him ;)

-keep my grandad’s money for something that he would’ve wanted me to spend it on like driving lessons for when i turn 17 This is probably the most important thing to me, I Put my Grandad’s money towards my driving lessons, ended up saving £450 which got me started, spent well over that though… but booking my practical test now!

-rape danny o’donoghue on stage when i go and see the script in march - maybe i ‘eye raped’ him, but i didn’t get to meet them, the closest i got was probably about 5 metres away,sad times.

-get a hobby, if college work isn’t dominating my life by next year, join the gym because it’s fun. - not happening at all. Who doesn’t put ‘Join the gym’ on their new years resolutions?

-start back at dancing even if loads of 7 year olds go - i liked it a lot. - also not gonna happen.

-buy a graphics tablet - one day.

-put the past behind me - never going to happen, i’ve learnt that things happen for a reason and they make you stronger, if you forgot them you’d lose strength and determination. Sure, i’d like to forget everything bad that’s happened, regarding deaths and bad experiences, but if that meant forgetting those people as well, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

-MAKE DECISIONS. - i’m still the worst at decision making.

-take my iron medicine, because my parents don’t want me to pass out. * i took my iron medicine for about 6 months, and then just stopped taking it, went back to the doctors, i’m not aenemic anymore, but my iron levels are still low, SO I HAVE ANOTHER BIG ASS BOTTLE TO START

*despite it tasting vile, and being a waste of time because i can have iron from eating celery and shit like that <3