Happy New Year!

I salvaged this clock today from the wrath of my mum [she was taking stuff down the charity shop]. She couldn't face to get rid of silly things like teddy bears of mine which weren't even that old or symbolic. Yet she was getting rid of things like paintings and things of my grandads. She nearly accidentally took an old blanket which had belonged to my dad's grandmother and then his dad down the charity shop, he went craaaazy haha.
This clock belonged to my grandad, it still has a label with his name on underneath. I suppose because of that label it makes me feel close to him. And something just made me want to keep it, i really like the look of it, and it doesn't work anymore, which is good because i can't stand ticking clocks.
Well anyway, enough about the clock. I hope you all have a fantastic night tonight, and spend it better than i am [Watching Jools Holland's hootenanny and reading Computer arts]