Cd purchase

i bought these two albums last week from HMVs '2 for £10' range, i really love that range, I'm always buying my CDs from it, but it's made me reluctant to spend over £5 on a CD.
Firstly, The Bellowhead CD was a gift to my dad for his birthday, he loves Bellowhead.
I've also had a quick listen to it and i really like it, i've also been a fan of Bellowhead since i saw them perform on Jools Holland's show, i thought the energy they gave off was fantastic and loved their rendition of 'New York Girls', if you're into folk then i'd recommend this album, you won't be disappointed.

Secondly, First days of spring.
I am going to see Noah and the whale this month and I'm so excited! This album is totally different to their first, 'Peaceful, the world lays me down' it has more of an emotional impact and i believe it details Charlie's relationship problems with Laura Marling, it's beautiful. My favorite song is 'Blue Skies' it's one of my favorites by them, i think it's beautiful.