Inspiring Flickr accounts

in order: illustration delicate and detailed illustrations

2.(right illustration) the color and technique really caught my eye.

3.(photograph) very interesting use of layers!

4.(Blink 182 illustration) fab colors, right up my street.

5.(photography - light trail image) a friend of mine from tumblr, she has some lovely photography with great soft tones

6.(yellow image) great tones and lovely locations

7.(fashion illustration) really talented artist, love her work. could see it in a shop window promoting fashion, very professional.

8.(camera illustration) i actually bought a bag with a camera on like this from this persons etsy shop, she does a lovely range of items such as jewelry, prints etc. She's very talented at what she does.

9.(bird illustration) such a delicate image, love it.
i put this little collage together quickly of my recent flickr favorites, ones that particularly inspire me, i will probably post one of these every month or something.
i'm doing this so that anyone who reads this who is artistic can have a look at these links and browse through each photostream, i love finding new artists, don't know about you. but these people deserve recognition, and they have truly inspired me lately.