Lauren goodland (dorkfeatures) is a Newport-based graphic designer at Parade Design, greeting card designer & general 'creative human being'.

In 2016 Lauren somehow bagged herself a degree in BA Graphic Communication. Now, when she's not freaking out about how many years have gone past since she graduated, she dabbles in illustration and creates 'brutally honest greeting cards & things'.

Lauren also doesn't like talking about herself in third person but finds it's the easiest way to do so.

So why the name 'Dorkfeatures'? You don't even look that dorky

I think once it came out of a friends mouth and it just kinda stuck. I used it for all of my accounts, my msn name, you name it. It not only stuck with me, but seemed to stick with others, to the point where the thought of changing it just didn't seem right. I later got glasses, which helped my brand to be more dorky and the rest is history!

I'm doing a project/blog/wondering about _____ can I ask you some questions?

10000000% yes. When I was a student there were loads of people that were kind enough to offer me advice or support, so I love to do the same for them. Just drop me an email into the form on my contact page. I try my best to remember to respond, but sometimes life gets very busy and I may forget (so please don't judge me, just nudge me instead!) 

Who do you use to print your things?

I use Printed.com and I'm happy to shout about it! They're affordable, good quality for digital print, fast and you get Printed points whenever you spend, which later gives you money off. I can refer you if you're thinking of using them and you can get 20% off. Just ask! 

Where else can I find your cards?

Literally in so many places, but here's a list of the main ones:
My craft stalls (see upcoming events)
Paperchase (goal complete!)
Whale and Bird