I'm Lauren, an aspiring all round creative & graphic designer with a little love for blogging and a few other things on the side. I'm currently studying Graphic communication at the University of South Wales, which is based in Cardiff. This blog is really just an outlet, mainly for myself so i can look back in the future and hopefully see progression and have a good laugh too no doubt. It's also a place where i can share things with you. 

things i like

1. Graphic design
2. Indian ink
3. Interior design
4. Birds eye view photographs
5. Yellow!
6. Baby animals
7. Kind and happy people
8. Textile design (even though I didn't study it *sad face*)
9. Fresh flowers (particularly yellow ones - see no 5) 
10. Traditional design like mark making and print making
11. Burgers
12. Adventures
13. Musical instruments
14. Learning about death and autopsies (weird one)
15. Using brackets to speak (like this)


1. Moths, Spiders & most insects except woodlice (I used to home them in lego houses)
2. Jealous & mean human beings
3. Mushrooms & Marzipan
4. False social-mediaing
5. My feet being in the sea

Yay the ratio to things I like is higher than things I don't like #positivity