Here I can be seen sporting a bowl-cut and Pocahontas lunch box, I was fully efficient in making Bauhaus style shapes in Microsoft Paint. 

Things that make me happy:

  • Kind-hearted people that do good for the world
  • A new pot of ink
  • Baby animals
  • Halftone dots
  • Traditional printing & graphic design
  • Grand Designs
  • Yellow (surprise!) 

Hi I'm Lauren, I like to just call myself a 'creative human being' because I really don't know where life is going to take me, for all I know 30 years from now I could be an astronaut (okay, maybe a bit drastic). I live in sunny Newport, South Wales and can usually be found glugging down a few chocolate stouts at The Murenger, when I'm not doing this or binge-watching Netflix I love to create and problem solve. In 2016 I somehow bagged myself a degree and graduated from the University of South Wales with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication. I guess I'm a bit well known for my love of ink and mess, but surprisingly I get a kick out of ordered work too & I love to help good causes.  I guess I'm a bit like Clark Kent (without the glasses to disguise myself!) - In the day I work as a graphic designer at Parade Design where I love to explore brands and align things until my heart's content, but by night I turn into the 'mixed-media maverick' as once described by